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Originally Posted by Reefing Madness View Post
Na, its all good guys. 32 pages of info is a bit to go through.
No chemicals were used Bryopsis is a clean tank algae.
I appreciate everyones help. This is a crazy long thread. I feel that its easier, for me at least, to keep this log open as Im still starting as its easy for me to keep all my questions and answers in one place. If this is not the way to go then let me know.

I dont mind going over it all again since there is alot here and "aint nobody got time for dat". One thing that reefing says is not correct though. I dosed the tank(about 30ml total) and took out rocks and dipped in hydrogen Peroxide. We tried everything else before That, including light out, and nothing worked.

Once they bryopsis was gone i did a lot of water changes, which started a small cycle, (ammonia and nitrites slightly visable). I let that clear up, added zoas and polyps and the two clowns then bam, cyano....

So substrate is Natures Ocean Samoa Pink. Its about 2inches deep. There are some bubbles that form against the glass on the front. I dont usualy disturb it but the snails do release some bubbles from timr to time
RSM 130 wich is a total of 34 Gallons. 29 In the DT. Flow is about 700gph
Reef cleaner CUC which is a maybe even more than what i need. They dont really touch the cyano.
Lighting is the standard RSM 130 + Additional Actinic Stunner strip (which i turned off right now, figured lowering lighting may help)
I use instant ocean salt Mixed in a fish only bucket only cleaned with vinegar
I use RO/DI and i just tested it. its 0 TDS where my tap is 286

And a quick timeline:
Tank setup end of october
LR added in november
Fought bryopis untill 1st week of January
Fish and CUC added a week or so after that.

I did have purigen, chemipure elite and Phosguard all in the tank. I DID NOT clean them. They were in there until last week and i took them out and they were nasty. I didnt replace them with new ones yet, but the cyano is still there. Thats the only thing I can think of.
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My vote right now is to get the purigen and chemipure (both fresh) back in. Keep the purigen clean and change the chemipure every 60 days until it's cleaned up. I dont run phosguard in my tank so not sure if its neccesary or not. Just throwing it out there.
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Theres no reason to run Chemipure and Purigen, You can run Chemipure Elite and have both worlds, then theres no reason to run Phosguard.
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Just a thought: when the Bryopsis died, maybe it released any unutilized phosphates into the water column. The best plan of attack may be GFO. Are you testing the water coming out of the RO/Di for phosphates? Sometimes the stock Di cartridges with these units aren't the most effective available.

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GFO or Biopellets are a god option. I always run Biopellets. In fact im setting up my Reef Octopus Br70 reactor as we speak. It's go for bringing down phosphates and a preventative measure so phosphates don't get out of hand
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Cyano lives off Silicates, and phosphates.
And Bryopsis is a clean water algae, and doesn't need phosphates nor silicates to thrive.
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well there is still alot of cyano, but not as much as last maybe thats a sign the dirty media had something to do with it. Ill add the chemipure and purigen and keep them clean. Im also going to cut some floss squares to run before the water hits the back chambers and ill rinse them daily to prevent buildup.

Anyway, what is this thing in my qt? He will hide if a fish swims by. Is it a little feather duster? (say hello to mr six line)

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Looks like a little feather duster to me.
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Originally Posted by RSully View Post
Looks like a little feather duster to me.
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Well I gave in and ordered the tunze 9002 skimmer and intank media rack and upgraded cup. Also got a new cover for the lights as this one is yellowed and nasty. And finally ordered more chemi pure elite and purigen as the LFS was still out.

The skimmer has to be part of it as even after making the previous adjustments I dump very little waste. Ill do as I've seen reeding said and give it a vinegar bath before I put it in to help speed up the break in process.

I'm determined to get to the bottom of this so I can buy some corals!!!
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