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I have two smaller clowns and they behave the same way. The smaller one will turn on his side and shake a little when they are side by side. They're weird fish
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They are like super crazy at night when I walk up to the tank. They know its dinner time and they go insane and will eat from my hand.

Spent a lot of time cleaning the tank tonight. It looks great. I have the plastic parts and the skimmer sitting in a vinegar/water mix. There are white, hard "tube worms" all over the internals of skimmer that I can't get off.

I rinsed the rock in fresh water and now it's sitting in an empty bucket. There are still red spots I can't get off. There same white tube things are around the rocks as well. Anything to worry about? Should I just give up on cleaning it? I'll post pics tomorrow.

I'm going to order another 20-30 pounds of dry rock as well and use a mix of that and the old rock. I'm also thinking of going with 'natures ocean white sand"
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I cleaned my Rock off with this:
Kitchen White Plastic Handgrip Pot Dish Pan Cleaning Brush Cookware Scrubber | eBay

But, don't knock yourself out doing it though.
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Staying in tonight as work has been hell and im still sick........

RO/DI unit at refractometer shipped today.

Got a few questions and thoughts.

1. Removable inlet grill with adjustable shutter for surface skimming
2. Two stage (coarse/fine) mechanical filter sponges
3. Professional turbo protein skimmer driven by a 1,200 lph/320 gph pump
4. Compartment for chiller pump
5. Access panel for chiller inlet/outlet tubes
6. Thermostat-controlled heater
7. Highly porous ceramic biological filter media
8. Activated carbon chemical filter media
9. Twin circulation pumps with adjustable direction outlets

Here is the layout of the back of the RSM. To prevent buildup of nitrates Should I keep the filters in #2? I was thinking of grabbing a few sets and swapping WC and clean the other with tap/old water?
In spots 7 and 8 he had the bio rings and old carbon. The rings have been sitting out and they are now dry. Should I rinse and use the same ones, buy new ones or ditch them all together for something else? Is chemi-pure and purigen suggested? How about phosguard?
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I'd ditch all the mechanical filtration. Use Carbon once in awhile, Chemipure Elite or GFO, thats about it. I've heard of others using Purigen.
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Thinking of stock again, top is priority going down to not so much

2x Ocellaris Clown
Yellow Watchman Goby and Pistol Shrimp
Firefish or Purle Firefish
Bicolor Dottyback or Royal Gamma
Cardnial fish or Chromis

Any thing else you reccomend I take a look at?

Also would like hermits if they can be trusted with coral. And maybe another shrimp if they will not bother the Goby/shrimp pair. And a red sea star down the line.
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Your stocking list is ok. Hermits are cool, but if there isn't enough food for them, they tend to munch on your corals. They are scavengers, and will eat anything left.
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Man, I wish I could ditch this sinus infection and actually get some progress here. I have built my shopping cart for saturday. Ill only get things instore if theyare cheaper than online but this will be the only time ill be close to this LFS without making an extra trip so if its cheaper there then I want to grab it.

Id like to get a Koralia Nano...they come in 240 and 425 gph. What do you think? I figure they are better since i can move the head around. The 240 will give me 530GPH total and the 425 will be like 717 gph. Im worried one will be not enough flow and one will be too much....and not having a clue as to which corals will be added and where they will be located i donno what to do.........

I think im over thinking this lol..............maybe Ill get an MP10.....oh wait.....thats like almost what I paid for the tank itself..........ok back to bed............
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LOL. Right on. The Hydor are a good powerhead. Couple of the small ones should do you nicely. Then again those MP10 are very nice. =)
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Lol sorry for that blah talk. Finally feeling better an got to work on the tank.

Got pretty much everything I need except maybe some more dry rock. I donno if I can afford more at this time.

I'm waiting for the ro/di still to get started. The tank is cleaned and everything looks almost brand new except for the skimmer which has those calcium like worm things inside and I can't reach in with anything to scrape them off. Lol.

Went with a lot of friends to the LFS store. They are not into fish. A buddy asked me ". Why are some of the colorful rocks $500" lol.

Hopefully the fun part starts next week.

Also the mushrooms in the QT are taking over all of the live rock. It's insane.
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