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post #131 of 436 Old 11-21-2012, 11:52 PM
CUC it is my man!!
ALK is not in line, its low. Should be 8-12dkh. More like 9-10 ish but there ya have it.
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This was a great read for a newbie lto SW like me. Sounds like you're doing it the right way. I took shortcuts that worked quite well but is a bit more costly. I only started a 20 gal so it wasn't to bad.

BTW, get the CUC man, lol.
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Water change done, skimmer on, chemipure elite and purigen added. LFS trip tomorrow or sunday

Ok so from before this is what im looking at for stock:

2x Ocellaris Clown
Yellow Watchman Goby and Pistol Shrimp
Firefish or Purle Firefish
Bicolor Dottyback or Royal Gamma
Cardnial fish or Chromis

What exactly should my CUC be made of. Im not eactly how many of snails to have and how many to add to start. I added two Nassarius Snails that i had in the QT. I also want a blood shrimp and a red sea star (sea star way down the line if there is enough food for it)

Any pointers?
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post #134 of 436 Old 11-24-2012, 03:48 AM
I'd love to give you some ideas but RM has been following your thread all along and will give you better ideas than me.
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Originally Posted by RSully View Post
I'd love to give you some ideas but RM has been following your thread all along and will give you better ideas than me.
Na, you got something, throw it out there Sully.
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RSully (11-24-2012)
post #136 of 436 Old 11-24-2012, 01:35 PM
Well, let's see, I'd go with a few hermits to start. If he's had a diatom algae bloom, maybe a few nassarius snails. If he's started picking up the brown or hair algae bloom a couple margarita snails, those things are wiping that stuff out of my tank. Maybe a shirmo but careful on choice as it will be the only one you hav in that tank.
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bigehugedome (11-24-2012), Reefing Madness (11-24-2012)
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So my thoughts were about 3 nerites thinking that they may be the ones to chew up this green stuff if anything, another nassarius or two and some cerith snails. And just a few hermit crabs for now. The nassarius I added is still in the same area under the sand. I can see his siphon sticking out of the sand. Dunno where the other one went.

As far as shrimp, I was going to try a blood shrimp now then get a pitsol/goby pair in the future. I would hope the pistol stays in the burrow with the goby and the blood stays near the rocks so they can be in the same tank together.

I hope i have time tomorrow to go to the LFS. Its been a busy weekend and with the needed time to aclimate them I donno if ill be able to run over.
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post #138 of 436 Old 11-24-2012, 04:00 PM
Yeah, the nassarius snails are kinda funky. I've got 3 and they don't come out very often where as the other snails are always taking care of business.
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post #139 of 436 Old 11-24-2012, 10:17 PM
My CUC was a handful of little reef hermits, three good sized Margarita snails, a coupleother herbivorous snails...maybe astrea?....can't remember their exact name and then I added 4 super Tongan nassarius snails to dig around in the sand. Did a pretty good job for me. I love my clowns, firefish and royal Gramma. They're all really good peaceful fish. My royal Gramma can be a little grumpy at times but not bad. The chromis I think do better in large groups...I bought three, they chased the smallest one and now I only have two. The biggest one chased the smaller one and bit him up so I removed him. I might go with the cardinals instead. Pistol shrimp and watchman gobies are really cool but they need a good place for a burrow. Also I had a Dottyback once....for like one day he terrorized my tank. I took him back needless to say he wasn't a good fit. They IMO and experience aren't a good fit for a peaceful tank. Maybe if you had a really big tank. I don't know much about shrimp but I do know some of them will eat your snails and hermits. Not sure which ones though. Finally from what I've read sea stars are hard to keep and some are going to eat all your snails and hermits and any other small critters you have. Those are just my thoughts. Hope it's helpful. Looks like things are going great for you.
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Don't know if anyone has told you but you'll end up with one chromis. They say it doesn't matter how many you get, in the end, you'll be down to one. Those margaritas will amaze you with their algae cleaning ability. If you look at my thread, you can see what one did to one of my LR overnight. My wife saw a fifrefiash tonight for the first time and LOVED it. They are pretty cool looking.
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