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Don't worry, it happened to my tank in the beginning. A lot of nasty stuff is going to happen while your tank is going through the cycle.

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i have a question if John will permit me to hijack for a moment...
after reading this thread i did a full check of all the parts on my tank and noted some of this red joy (not much) but oddly it is actually IN teh pipe from my closed loop (right at the edge) so high flow is there.. now what are potential solutions??? i have reduced the feeding starting this morning but i wonder what else i could do ... this info will also aid John in time i am sure....

i swear i will not hijack further but this question is on topic....

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Originally Posted by njudson View Post
Low flow is also something that contributes to Cyano you can try changing your flow up to increase flow to the problem rocks either by moving the rocks themselves or powerheads and it might clear up on its own. Manual removal like pasfur suggested is a good idea as well but if the conditions which allowed it to thrive once are the same it will almost certainly come back. I wouldn't worry much about the cyano until your tank matures a bit seems like you are doing fine.
Great post. I mean really... dead on... exactly right.

I would not be spending my energy focusing on this problem to any great degree. As the tank matures and the alkalinity and calcium levels are set within the desired range, the cyno will likely go away. Sure, it won't hurt to manually remove it, but it just isn't a big deal. Messing with the light duration is not even an option in my book, especially given that light has very little impact on the growth of cyno.

Nutrients are the problem, especially nutrients in an environment not conduction to coraline growth. You simply added some rock with a bit of cyno on it (in it) and the high nutrient environment fed its growth. No biggie, this will pass soon.

Alkalinity, calcium, alkalinity, calcium, alkalinity, calcium... here lies where your focus should be for now.
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pretzelsz's Avatar calcium is at 360ppm. My tank hit a spike and I am waiting for the ammonia to get to 0ppm then oding a water change. And then I want to look into a CUC at my LFS so I will pop in there maybe this weekend and buy an alkalinity test kit(I have red sea but I don't think it will be accurate.) but then again they might only have red sea as they only did before.


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Find the API test kit for Alkalinity. The Red Sea is a waste. Order it online if you have to.
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Test Kits

You want the last kit on that page... the KH "Carbonate Hardness" kit.

And here is the buffer I use: Reef Aquarium Supply (Aquarium Lighting, Coralife light, Aquarium Light, Aquarium Pumps, Coralife lighting, Reef Aquarium, JBJ Nano Cube, protein skimmer, JBJ Arctica, AquaticLife T5 HO, Oceanic BioCube, Red Sea Max, Fluval Edge Aqu
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Thanks. They might have the kh API at the store I'm not sure... I have kent marine liquid buffers(all six kinds...calcium, kh,ph, all that good stuff) if not I'll order


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