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Looks as good as anything out there and the price is about the same. You might find something slightly cheaper if you really look, but in the end, I doubt there will be great savings unless you find a used unit. Unless you have really "dirty" tap water, when/if you get that unit I'd remove one of the DI cartridges and save it for when the other one gets used up. The DI media isn't terribly expensive, about $10 to refill one of those, but if you don't need both at the same time I'd save it for later.
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Is that system all i would need? Do i just let it fill up a bucket then use the water? How do you guys have these things set up?
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And just to add...that's another thing I would definitely look for in a unit...refillable DI. Mine is inline and not refillable so it would cost me $5+ more to replace that then it does to buy just media. So when it's time for new filters on my unit, I'm getting the refillable DI unit instead. Costs more initially but will cost less in the long run.
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Originally Posted by Toallhisdoom View Post
Is that system all i would need? Do i just let it fill up a bucket then use the water? How do you guys have these things set up?
Yeah, looks like a complete system. You might consider getting the sink faucet adapter because the way this one is setup now, I think you have to mess with the pluming under the sink. Not a big deal but if you don't want to mess with that, I'd get the Kitchen Faucet Diverter Valve or the Garden Hose adapter.

You can fill a bucket and make your tank water like that, some people fill up large barrels and even some fill up trash cans. That way they have a lot of water on hand.

Is this for saltwater tanks or freshwater? If you are using it with freshwater keep in mind, you can't use straight RO/DI water. You have to remineralize it.
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i have mine in my bathroom under the sink. its not hard to mess with the plumbing, i cannot remember what the part is called but it screws into the copperline, piercing it and thats how you get an easy connection. the parts name is slipping me though, but hardware stores carry them for a few bucks. theyre in the RO section ( its what people use if their hooking a RO to their fridge ) its very easy to do.
i drilled into my sinks drain line and plumbed in a quick connect for the waste water. this way i dont have to deal with it as im in a second floor apartment.
back home i would barrel the waste water and use it to fill the washing machine. cant really do that here.

for water i use x2 20gallon brute trash cans. 1 for saltwater, 1 for RO/DI water. if your working with a smaller tank, 2 clean buckets can work.
when i make my water i sit my trashcan into the bath tub, run the hose to it and run it through a small hole thats on the handle of the can, then clamp it to the can too before turning on my water. it comes out in a slow drip but doing it this way if i for some reason forget it, it will just overflow into the tub and not the floor. i havnt forgotten it here yet, but i did have the hose work its way out of the bucket without me noticing ( hence the clamp now )
my downstairs neighbor comes up and knocks to check to make sure the toilet isnt leaking again ( i guess it did from previous owners ) i told him sorry, my hose fell on the floor from my fishtank and he goes oh your tank, must be a big tank as he peaks into my bathroom and sees a big trashcan full of water. i just smiled ( mistake on my part, i should have just said it was the toilet overflowing as im not even sure if tanks are allowed in my lease lol shhh )
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Originally Posted by toallhisdoom View Post
is that system all i would need? Do i just let it fill up a bucket then use the water? How do you guys have these things set up?
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