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well i wanted to do a 5 gallon reef tank but i wanted to put 1 clown fish in there i kno its to small to fit that would be nice...
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Ideally, clownfish should be kept in pairs. I think 5 gallons is abit small imo. I have heard that a Royal Gramma will do fine in a 10g tank, so long as your up for the maintanence. I wouldn't think it would cost anywhere near $1000 to setup a small 10g.

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i run a pretty succesfull ten gallon that cost about 45 dollars in equipment..a basic ten gallon stup heater,hang on back filter, incandecent light,glass top.i put two 27 watt 6500 kelvin bulbs in each fixture.i would run a filter that is rated much higher filteration for the ten gallon.but most importantly is that i stocked my tank properly and stuffed it full of live rock ...biological filteration can work well as thee proper clean up one of my ten gallons i have blue damsels ,yellow watchmen gobies,algae blenny,serpent stars,decorator crab,margaritas,nasarius,bumblbee,trochus snails,blue leg hermits,emerald crabs,yellow palythoas,various discasomas,and zoas..any how it is possible to run a cheap ten gallon but research before you do anything.and stock slow.dont forget about the weekly water changes..and hydrometer,salt. skimmer if you can afford it to prolong water changes.

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if you wana do a 10g tank i can almost garente you will upgrade to a larger one sooner than you originally planned to lol (i swore to my gf i would stick to only a 10g tank after 2 weeks i was setting up a 75g lol).

but heres a way you can set up a 10g and not spend a ton of cash. 1st go to walmart and in the pets department and buy the 10g starter kit. it includes the tank hood filter (not sure about the heater but they are only 11$ at walmart) chemicals and i belive some food all for about 40$. if you have a petco in town you can get your salt for 10$ and substrate for around 13$ (if you go live sand thats about 20$) as for fish there are many things you can put in a 10g tank that cost only around 10$. hope this helps ya make up your mind.
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ok well thanks well dont i have to buy a special light for the live rock i needd live rock
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