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QT questions

This is a discussion on QT questions within the Beginner Saltwater Aquariums forums, part of the Saltwater Fish and Coral Reef Tanks category; --> so i have my 32 gallon tank up and running, assuming i want to make a second 20 gallon tank, is it possible to ...

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QT questions

so i have my 32 gallon tank up and running, assuming i want to make a second 20 gallon tank, is it possible to take 10 gallons of water from the MT (main tank) 10 gallons salted R/o water, LR (from the main tank), LS (from the main tank) and just add a protein skimmer and a power head + lights and have an already cycled tank? :o

The LS will be all from the main tank? I know the tank wont be completely cycled but this should reduce the overall cycle time right? ;o
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Because your MT is only 35 gallons, the new tank at 20 gallons would need so much from the MT to make it work that it almost isn't worth it. If you were to put enough into the 20 from the MT to reduce cycle time, you will very likely send the MT through a mini cycle as well.
Live rock should be as much as can fit, but at least 1lb per gallon of tank size. Either way you look at it you would need to purchase more rock to be enough for both tanks. The new live rock will still need time for any die off (which should always be expected with new rock) to happen, which will mean a spike and cycling in whatever tank it goes into.
How long has the MT been set up and running? A saltwater tank is not considered established for at least 1 - 2 yrs of being set up and running without drastic change. If your MT is not establilshed yet, the changes you are talking about making to start the 20 will surely send the 35 through a cycle of its own if it is that greatly disrupted, so I would strongly suggest rethinking and just starting the 20 out from scratch, maybe borrow just a few small pieces of rock and maybe a handful or 2 of sand to help seed the new stuff just a touch faster. (but make sure to put the rock back into the 35 once the 20 has been started or replace it with new rock so as not to deplete the MT.

Hope this helps
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yeah thanks alot, my cycle on the MT only took 3 weeks, so i`m hoping the QT will take that long too. IF however it doesnt i atleast now have the MT to be patient with :D
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