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Planning Stages

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Planning Stages

I have been reading about reef tanks through books and forums for a few years now, and the urge to start a tank is so strong that I donít think I can hold it off much longer. I have been thinking about taking down 4 of my freshwater tanks and starting up a saltwater tank, but I want to run some of my ideas and questions by you guys to make sure that my goals are reasonable.

I would like to turn my 20 gallon high tank into a reef tank with a 10 gallon sump. I would like to keep a pair of ocellaris clowns, and a goby, I was thinking either an orange spotted or a yellow watchman. I would also like to keep red banded snapping shrimp, scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp and porcelain crabs. Is this an okay stock list for a 20g or would it be over crowded? I have bigger tanks I could use, but the environmentalist in me is saying go smaller to keep the electricity consumption down. I also already have a 2x t5 light fixture that I built that would fit on the 20 high but not on anything bigger. Would that be enough light to keep some corals towards the top of the tank?

I have a budget of about 250 dollars to cover start up coasts such as: sand, live rock, salt mix, a protein skimmer, a pump and plumbing for the sump, and fish. Is this doable? I donít like to skimp on equipment but I donít mind starting with the minimum and building up as time goes by.

Also, everything Iíve read says that bubbles are bad in the display tank, but I havenít read anything that explains why??

Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. When it comes to my fish tanks, I like to understand everything fully before jumping in so I donít have any regrets, or blow money unnecessarily.
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