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Oh, I'm the one that posted the subject about a professional to setup and maintain the tank, it's a 50g tank. I'm thinking of a FOWLR tank, I didn't want to deal with corals right now since this is all new to me but I would like to add an anemone. what's the minimum wattage for that? And how many anemones can i get without buying expensive lights?
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OK I might need some more help.

Thanks for welcoming me and the advice.

Last night I went ahead and added 1 more pound of rock since the 10 probably wasn't enough. I added a yellow tang and 4 tellow-tail damsels. I went back and forth on the clown trigger and the store said that since it was a Maine not a Florida trigger it should be fine so I did it.

I woke up with 1 damsel and the clown???? what happened?????? I'm supposed to pick up a open brain today but an scared. What should I do?

New to this!
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New tank

I was trying to bite my tounge but SaltKing we all know you have the internet since you are on this site. Have you ever heard of the search engine GOOGLE. You might try some research there before listening to the shop that has less of a clue what they are doing than you. Sorry to hear of the losses but please.....Maine?

Do not do the brain yet!
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Step away from the tank slowly.

Patience is the one thing that will save you money.

Sit back and consider this a learning experience. A few people told you that your LFS is skecthy and they told you not to get involved with a trigger but you still did. I'd advise you to take it slowly and to ask your questions here rather than at the shop.

Pass on the brain. DO NOT ADD anymore fish. You should be investing in snails and hermits at this stage. Not fish. I know you want to watch them swim around but you need to get a clean up crew established. Fish come about 3 months after the cycle finishes.
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