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i just went on that website and its a simple box filter with a pump on it. If you plan on having a reef system just pack it with live rock rubble, between that and a good skimmer and rock in your tank that will be fine for your filtration. Those filters are very outdated but i think it will work.
heres some specs from the website on your lighting. 4 x 20 Watt (24") Light tubes MODEL 1000
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Do you guys know whether it would be easy to change the light fittings on the unit so that I could put t5's on it?

Also in terms of the internal skimmer (as it is not a wet/dry) can you recommend any good ones?
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hehe, id do a DIY on it, 2 VHO's on the outside straight bits that face against the walls and maybe 1 or 2 MH's about 150 watts each set apart, 2 ballasts and some timber and a lil bit of know how
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Yes I was thinking of doing something like that. But, the unit that houses the current lamps, ie the T8's, looks like it will come apart. Therefore could I not take it apart and replace two of the T8's with T5 units?

Also I have been looking at other topics and noticed that people recommend 10W per gallon. I know that this is not the best way of measuring how much light to use but for arguments sake lets say it was 10. If I have a 42 gallon tank I would need 420W right? Therefore I would need a substantial number of T5 lights to get anywhere near this number.

Either I can't multiply (which I think I can) or I am not understanding this topic very well.

Please help, I am baffled.
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post #15 of 16 Old 04-25-2007, 08:47 PM
If your not gunna have a sump than you will need a hang on skimmer, No internal skimmers. I can recomend a few good brands of hang on like coralife, aqua c, and deltec. But i will recomend either the aqua c pro with the mag drive 3 or the deltec model MCE300. Because they are perfectly sized for your tank and are very slim so you can still keep your tank tucked in a corner.
For the question about lighting, this can be a never ending argument but ill give it my $.02. If your using t-5,pc,vho, ect than the watt per gallon rule is exeptable for detirmining how many watts you should have. But if your using metal halide than the wpg rule is a little less usfull. to try and answer your question yes you could use 420 watts of t-5 lighting over your tank but you could also use one 250 watt metal halide pendent and two actanic bulbs(dont know the dementions of your tank so i can recomend a wattage) But the wattage will still be under 420 watts but you will have better lighing with mh than with 420 watts of t-5. Caferacer mike is stetting up a 400 gallon reef tank heres his lighting settup.
''4 400w lights in Lumenarc reflectors and 6 72" VHO retro kits''
6 72 watt vho's is a total of 960 watts of lighitng, with another 1,600 watts of mh lighitng witch equals out to somewere around 2,600 watts of lighting. Thats alot! but as you can see its hes not following the wpg rule cause if he did than he would have 4,000 watts of lighting. So the whole idea im triing to get through to you is the wph is not that great. If i were you i would build my own wood canopy, buy a 250 watt mh and use those lights that your tank came with as actanics.
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Yes that's what I am starting to talk myself into. Trouble is the dimensions of the tank are 1metre across and 70cm along the sides that touch the wall. The current flourescent run across the front and therefore this only allows me a small space to put the MH in. I suppose I could mount it on the wall and cut some of the rear of the hood out but that angle may not be the best.

Anyone with ideas please feel free to give some tips.
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