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so every one of my definate fish is ok? and NONE of my wishlist will work?any more ideas to liven up the definate fish and recomendations?
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Your definite list is way to large. I would maybe think about the definite list above 100g.

Think about 2 clowns (there are no nemo fish in nature), 1 chalk basslet, 1, scooter blenny or 1 algae blenny, and maybe 1 yellow tang. That would be my entire list for acceptable and responsible fish husbandry from the list you provided. You could keep inverts and some easy to care for corals with this setup as well.

Other wise you might go entirely predator tank and try 1 dwarf lion like a fumanchu and 1 snowflake eel with nothing else in the tank fish wise. Few inverts as they might be eaten and no corals.
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yeah and if you dont listen to the advice you deffenitly DO NOT WANT ANY SPECIES OF PUFFERS with small fish or any coral for that matter.
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New Member has a fish compatability chart.but i can tell you the puffer is a no go.i'll tear up a reef.also only one wrass per tank unless you have a tank more than twice your size and their known jumpers and you need perfect water quality for a long time before atempting cleaner wrass in as far as the the 2nd wish list,i would scratch all of them accept maybe the draggonet,but look them up 1st so you know what your getting will need a sump with lots of copods in it for it to live off of cause it will eat all of the ones in the main tank fast.most of the time their too skinny by the time they get used to dead food for them to survive.its sad to can get away with a fuzzy dwarf lion if you don't over stock but at some point its gonna eat at least one other fish or 2.
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opps,i meant that it'll tear up the reef lol.i typed i'll tear up the reef.that sounds bad
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