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Originally Posted by terryap View Post
You are right, I have done alot more reading up on the scooter blenny, I think I will opt for the sailfin blenny,another question, last year we went to cuba, and my kids collected some I believe broken off white coral from the beach, very porous, would this be ok to add to the tank ?

thanks !!
I do not know the answer to this. Jon? Steve?
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It sort of looks like white live rock if that helps, and it looks as though things may have been alive on it, if that helps.

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Another question...can crushed coral and live sand be mixed together for a substrate?
I've also added a fish a couple of days ago, I know you mentioned the tomato clown can become aggresive as it matures, but I had to have it, I love them, it is about 1'1/2, I also added 5 red legged hermit crabs, tests are all clear, and fish seems to be healthy, was shy for the first 2 days.....not anymore, I am thinking of making it the only fish in the aquarium and maybe adding a couple of mushrooms, and a blood shrimp, would this be ok for the 20 gallon? I don't want to overload the tank......

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I think it would be perfect to leave the Tomato Clown as the only fish. Not only is it territorial, but they grow larger than the Ocellaris and require more space.

As for mixing crushed coral with live sand, not a problem at face value. First, lets review this situation. How do you plan to go about mixing crushed coral into an existing aquarium? There will be a tremendous amount of cloudiness, and possible die off of existing bacteria in the live sand. Your best option is to add more live sand, given that the aquarium is already running.

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the base is already crushed coral, I was thinking of adding the live sand on top to make (as you suggested) at least a 4" bed. would this work? would I add the sand in small amounts at a time? will this hurt the fish? are there any other inverts you suggest?
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won't the live sand make dust as well?
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You can add the live sand on top, and you should do so. Most live sand is rather clean and will not cloud the water nearly as much. Go for it!

I would do a small amount at first to see how cloudy the tank gets. Then slowly spread it out.

By the way, I would err on the side of caution and use 5'' total depth. You are pushing your luck just slightly by having a larger grain size crushed coral bed beneath the live sand. The extra inch of sand is added "insurance" so to speak. 6'' would be even better.
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I'm off to the lfs shortly and am hoping to see it on sale......not likely, will buy as much as I can afford this week
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I'm telling you, check out You can order rock and sand at dirt low prices.
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i just saw that website on your build thread and it said shipping was only $10 for my area of Florida, but then at the bottom said something about flat rate?? how much was your shipping?
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