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Ok I am losing my mind, the tubing you see is one and only, the end of it stay out of the water with the air intake valve on it, and it plugs into the pump (which is not visible due to the sponge)
so the one tube is for both water and air intake.
other than this there is no other place to attach a tube on the pump ?
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Don't worry about it TerryAnn. Your power head probably only has 1 venturi intake. I expected to see 4 additional intakes hidden by the strainer which is covered by the sponge.

That film on the surface of your water are proteins. Do you remember the Octopus model hang on skimmer that I said would be very nice for you? It has a surface skimmer, which would skim these proteins off the surface so that your protein skimmer can remove them. In your 20 gallon, the only real solution is to do a very small water change every week or so, directing the syphon hose at an angle close to the surface, sucking the film off the surface of the water.
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Thanks, what is your opinion on the Red Sea C-Skim 1200 ?
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Originally Posted by terryap View Post
Thanks, what is your opinion on the Red Sea C-Skim 1200 ?
This is a sump model, yes? I didn't realize this skimmer has a hang on adapter.

Can you give me a link? I will check in tonight after work.
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no,not a hang on you are right, sump model, but looks amazing,wanted to know what you think of it, if it is that good, I may go for a sump, have no clue how to do it, BUT, am willing to learn and make it happen.
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The Red Sea C-Skim 1200 can also be used as a freestanding, out-of-sump application. You just need a pump in the water to to pump into the skimmer, and the skimmer needs to be higher than where it is feeding back into. The outlet is gravity fed, so it will not pump back over the wall of the aquarium.

I am a huge fan of this skimmer; I have watched a few videos of it on Youtube. I think that the neck design is very clever.

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So if I understand correctly, I can use it out of a sump, but the level of the C-Skim has to be higher than my aquarium? is this right?
And yes, I love the neck wash, seems easy enough to use, and I can get it at a steal on ebay brand new
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Red sea c-skim 1200

Another question, how much do these usually go for?? I can get on on ebay for 295 $$ plus shipping of 60
so total of 355.00, I believe they go for about 500 $ in canada
is this worth it??

seems like an excellent skimmer, can handle upto 300 Gallons, please let me know, I am still wheeling and dealing on Ebay

Ok here are my options (PS getting a bonus this week so I have decided to go BIG:

Berlin hang on skimmer: total cost: 275 $$
Eshopps hang on skimmer for 100 Gallon: total cost 185.00
Reef Octopus with surface skimmer and sicce pump for upto 135 Gallon: 240.00 total cost
Aqua C Remora Pro: 255 $ total cost
Red Sea C-Skim total cost 355.00 $$

Still looking at the coralife skimmer for 220 Gallon, not sure of total cost yet.....

As mentioned my new tank coming will be 65 Gallon, with a possible upgrade to a bigger tank in the summer.....
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The Berlin fits your current needs, has a great reputation, and can be used as a sump or hang on unit. You can also upgrade to a 125 gallon in the future, using the Berlin as an in sump skimmer.

The Red Sea C-Skim is a better skimmer, but this only makes sense if you plan to upgrade in the very near future.

Honestly, you won't upgrade. You will have 2 aquariums. For this reason, I would do the Berlin now.
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ok thanks for the input, BUT since you mention the C-Skim is better.......When I have the extra cash.... I tend to buy the BEST!!!!!! Will let you know which one I went for !
Hope you don't think I am crazy if I go for the C-Skim, but looks awesome !!
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