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ok great thanks for the definition, I would only keep one tang plus my 2 clowns, and maybe one other medium sized fish, but I will do much more reading on species... am also looing at:

Bicolor Angelfish

I love this one as well
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I love the BiColor also, but this fish is more commonly found in garbage cans and in toilet bowls. If you try one, be sure to purchase only a fish collected from Fiji, if you want any chance at all of success.

By the way, I would introduce the Tang before any Centropyge angel. The angel is likely to become dominant, and you don't want a Blue Tang being picked on when newly introduced. They have a hard enough time settling into a new environment, without being chased around.
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Will the clowns bother a tang? or are they still too small?
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The Clowns and the Tang will be fine together. No issues at all. The only real issues you will have with Tang compatibility are when mixed with other Tangs, or with Centropyge Angelfish.
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ok so if I opt for the tang, no angelfish...and will definately add the sailfin blenny or starry blenny to the list, or maybe a royal gramma, I like these too...can't wait to start this project.
PS I have a bit of green algae how do I control it? there is not much yet, but I don't want it to get it out of control.......
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Originally Posted by terryap View Post
You are right, I have done alot more reading up on the scooter blenny, I think I will opt for the sailfin blenny,another question, last year we went to cuba, and my kids collected some I believe broken off white coral from the beach, very porous, would this be ok to add to the tank ?

thanks !!
No idea if anyone answered this, but it's totally fine to add it. It has assumably been dead for a long time, so there is no chance of it containing any life that you don't want i the tank.

Give it a good soak before you put it in the tank.

It should be considered as dry rock for all intensive purposes.
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Great thanks for the info, was getting ready to chuck it, will add it in my new setup once I get the new tank.
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any suggestions on control for the green algae, I am thinking of picking up some snails?
what are your recommendations??
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What kind of water are you using? Tap water or RO/Di water?

Snails are a good pickup. Cerith, Turbo and Nassarius snails are good additions to a reef tank. Don't get too many Ceriths and Turbos, as after the algae is gone, they will starve...

Also, what do you have for flow in your tank? Make sure that your powerheads are blowing AT your rocks, so no detritus builds up on them. When I do water changes, I put the siphon directly on the rocks to disturd any detritus and suck it through the tube.

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