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Did the water change color right after you added the kent? did it stay that way?
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Well the water started changing one day after I added Kent. It started changing color gradually.
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What the hell is "the Kent"? The label will tell you what product it is. Kent is like a Toyota. It is the manufacturer. Telling me your Toyota is broken means nothing to me if you need a part until you say, "my Toyota CELICA needs a clutch". So you have a product made by Kent called..............
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Couldn't you use a U.V. sterilizer? From what I understand, the UV light kills anything living that runs through the unit. Wouldn't this kill all the algae off while still allowing you to use "the Kent?"
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post #15 of 19 Old 09-03-2009, 11:22 PM Thread Starter
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My orange Clown fish (the lower body got dark)

Hello Everyone,

It was very interesting......

Yesterday night I put some new brine shrimp that I purchased in my tank and it was basically a big frozen piece and when my clow fish ate it, I noticed that it got black in the lower part of the body and one day past and it is still black, The fish looks completely happy and healthy, swimming happily with other fish like always.......

So I am wondering that it turne black because the shrimp was frozen!??????????? or maybe it was a new brand!!!!! I stopped feeding them brine shrimp for two weeks and I started again yesterday for the first time and this happene!!!!!!!!

Will it go away?? any ideas???

let me know ASAP!!!!!!

Thanks for the help!!!

:roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::r oll:
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just wondering if it is actually algae or cyano bacteria (reddish brown slimy film). That is caused by a lot of nutrients in the water and low water flow. It is said that the nutrient is silicates and phosphates in the water. In new tanks it is virtually impossible to avoid because it is a actually a stage the tank must go through to mature.

what kind of coral do you have? Personally I would not put any of that kent in ur tank. corals don't need to be fed that often.

"Fish are friends, not food"... finding Nemo
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This thread has become a comedy of errors.

Phatfish- the question you answered was posted in 2007.

Arpinehb - I'm not exactly sure what your question is, but I would suggest that you start a new thread so that all members of the forum have the opportunity to provide input. I think pictures would be helpful, because you are not describing an everyday situation, to say the least.
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picture = 10,000 words :)
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post #19 of 19 Old 09-09-2009, 02:37 PM Thread Starter
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I don't have corals in my tank

so you are saying there are alot of nutrients in the water that is why the nemo turned black??

it looks like it is someting from inside the body

it has been almost a week now

should I do water changes???? maybe alot of pellets are in the water under the rocks???
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