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Ok folks, we've had the first setback. The 180 did not arrive at the LFS yesterday as scheduled. It is now planned to arrive on Thursday. Delivery on Friday at 8:30 pm.

With an 8:30 pm delivery, i'm not sure I can have the tank set up and completely stocked with fish and corals and with nice coraline algae growth by 9pm. I will try.
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man, sorry to hear. atleast there now is more time to get other move related things done

looking foward to seeing a fully stocked tank at 9:15pm.
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So, today my fiance says to me....
"maybe you should paint the stand black."

Black she says.
I could have just ORDERED the stand black. {sigh}

It is the end of a long day, but i did get a few things accomplished. All of my equipment arrived as scheduled. I installed the GFI outlets for the 180 and cleaned up the 58 stand. The 58 aquarium needs a lot of cleanup and new bulkheads, etc. Hopefully the 58 will be completely set up and the 180 stand will be painted by the end of this weekend.

On a side note, the vivarium Turtle tank is completely broken down, with the Turtle and fish living in temporary quarters. I was using a 20 long for the vivarium, but I am switching to a standard 20 gallon when I set this back up. For those who are interested, i will create a short picture bio on this tank as well.
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Well folks, life never fails to amaze me. I had a delivery scheduled at 8:30pm. I called this morning and confirmed. I left directions, my cell phone, and my fiance' cell phone number. At this moment it is 10:02pm and the guy has not showed up or called.

How does this happen? In this economy, should a business not bend over backwards for every last dollar and sale? What happened to customer service and courtesy?

More to come on this. Needless to say, I will be waiting at the LFS tomorrow morning when they unlock the doors.
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Go get`em!! ;) That just isn`t right and you are correct in this economy they should be kissing you`r you know what! You should get a discount LOL

-75g tank
-Workin on a sump & Stand
-130lb LR
-40lb LS soon to be 120lbs
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Yes, I'd be interested in the vivarium turtle tank pictures/ bio.
I'm surprized at the "dropping of the ball" on your delivery. They have failed to realize you are one of their best customers. They will find out tomorrow. Keep us posted!

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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did you put a down payment? if not, tell them you are no longer interested, lol.
then go to another source.
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If this shop did not have such an awesome reputation, I would be insane mad. I'm frustrated, but I am willing to bet that there is a simple explanation. The problem is communication... and there is no excuse for not properly communicating to your customer. But I am confident that the guy was not intentionally being a jerk.
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and you would be amazed at the quality of their livestock...
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This thread has officially ended. I started the 180 build thread today. You can find it here:
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