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Hmm... that sounds like an idea, but I've seen many tanks and the aquascaping of large tanks. I've always found Steve Wiess to have an amazing tank because of the depth of his tank It's breath taking. My next tank regaurdless of the gallons will have to be deep. It adds a new perspective to the hobby rather then a 2 demention feel.

His tank was 8'x8'x24" i believe and it's an 850g tank. I'm not saying go this big, but with it being shorter you won't need as strong of lights and you will get the depth feel, which is awesome!

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now thats awesome.
i think even a 4x4' cube would be sick!
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Is your condo a flat or multi-level? More importantly, what floor is the tank going to be on?

I ask because the 180 gallon tank is going to be HEAVY! I calulate just 180 gallons of water to be about 1500 lbs. Rock and sand are more dense, adding to that weight, and a sump that is say 55 gallons would also add another 400+ lbs...

If you are putting this tank on the second floor, I would consider reinforcing the floor. I would probably install a lally column directly under the tank with a maybe an eight foot girder to carry the extra weight of the tank.

Live load is the load that is going to change, such as me walking across the floor. Dead load refers to the more permanent loads through the structure. Most residential floors are rated to carry 40 lbs of live load, and 10 lbs of dead load per square foot. This tank is going to be about 12 square feet, carrying about 166 lbs/sq ft. This could cause major sagging in the floor, and probably damage to the floor joists.

If you are on the first floor, it is possible the condo could have been built on a slab. Concrete, which is rated for 4000 lbs/sq inch, will have no problem carrying this load. But if you are on the first floor and there is a basement or garage underneath you, then you have the same problem I mentioned before.

If you give me the schematics (even a rough drawing), I can have it figured what you will need to carry the load of this tank.

Let me know.

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your post makes perfect sense but i have heard that refridgerators weigh more per square inch then a tank does. i think if it is against a wall and the floor below it has a wall there you'll be fine. re-inforcing wouldnt hurt though ofcourse
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Yeah, things do sound really exciting for you right now! Have fun! My bf just completed his 55g, he spent about a week drawing up the plans, etc. Looks amazing, especially beside my 32g that I did NOT draw plans for, lol.
Good luck!

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A refrigerator that is 36" x 35-1/4" x 69-3/4" (which is about a 26 cubic ft capacity) weighs app 328 lbs. That is empty. For argument's sake let's say that there is 150lbs of food (which is a lot of food) in it. That's app 478 lbs. That gives us about 53 lbs/sq ft of Force on the floor.

This tank is large. If the tank is full of only water, with no sump, then you are looking at 3/4 of a ton. A 6' by 36" whirlpool tub needs reinforcement, and they hold 78 gallons. Filled with water they weigh over 1000 lbs! That's only 58 lbs/sq ft of downward force, and they recommend reinforcement.

I would say that, yes, if there is a load bearing wall underneath the tank, then that will probably suffice. As long as that load bearing wall is supported underneath by columns, or on the foundation itself, then you should be safe.

Just email me a loose drawing of what you are trying to do, and I will run it. Better safe than sorry.

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Great advice Bryce. My condo is a first floor unit, nothing underneath. This was a mandatory requirement for me!

Thanks to OF2F for suggesting this site: Dry Rock - Fiji. I will probably place a nice order of Fiji Dry rock for my base rock.
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no problem i hear its very pourus rock the only downfall is that ive heard it taking forever to get to you, well some say it comes fast and others takes awhile. other then that i hear its awesome stuff
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21 days to closing...
25 days to move...
Plan to have aquarium delivered on day 26. 180 gallon tank.

At that time i will be moving this tread to the pictures and videos section, where it is probably more appropriate.

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Me too.
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