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new 75g set up!!!

im going in a few hours to pick up my new 75g tank with sump (not sure how big the sump is looks like 30g). i have a few questions that range between equipment and decor. first for decor... i was thinking to get some "dead sand" enoughto make 3 inch's and some live sand to make up another inch (yep a reef tank should i go deeper?) at my lfs they sell the usual white stuff and just recently they got a few bags of black sand. anyone mix the white and black? look good when ya do? ok now for equip.... im getting a skimmer that can handle a 150g im not sure on all the specs just quite yet but i will have them soon. i know the skimmer has a built in power head that looks removable if i want for the pump for the return how do i figure out how much i need... i know if the sump overflows and the pump is working its to small lol should the flow of te pump match that of the skimmer? ill post some specs once i pick the tank up tonight sorry for my lack of info =(
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DUDE i am so excited for you!!!!!!!!

yeah mix the sand up it will look cool and cut the glare from the lights a little bit....
as for how you are going dead and then live that is a great way to save money (just remember to go a bit slower to be sure its all seeded) consider the same with your LR it will be way cheaper....

and you want that pump on the skimmer for it to work.

ok i will wait patiently (Cough *Hack) for pic and such and to see how things develop

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yes yes i will have pics im still waiting on my cable to come should be here tonight =D

im going with base rock with a lr cover to save cash... i found some really cheap calcium enriched limestone base rock online im going to look around at local places to see if i cant get it cheaper in bulk (shipping cost more than the rock dose) once i get all that setup im going to let it seed 6 to 8 months befor i do anything to drastic. only critters ill have in there will b the clean up crew and maybe a blenny once the hair alge grows.
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allright got a update ... tank is up and fresh wateris in it im soaking my base rock as the previous owner had once used it and i want all the yucky stuff out befor it goes in with the live rock. only a lil problem whitch i am waiting for a answere on from the person i bought it from is where the holes have been cut for the overflow i get a very light trickle of water out of the back of the glass when the overlow has water on it... most likely just a rubber washe placement issue on my end lol. looks good though pics tomarrow my wire was sent to the store not my house like it was suposed to be =S
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