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I would use the 10 gallon tank as a sump.
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What is a sump?
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Ok But is what a said in one of my last posts ok to have?
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I think that is fine r a twenty gallon, but you have a long way to before you really have to worry about stocking anyway. I think we should be more concerned with how you are setting up your tank. Do you have any ideas as to what you'll use as saltwater filtration?
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Well I was going to use the filter that came with the tank is there specific filters I need because I would need to know everything because when I have my tank i want all the fish to be healthy and happy
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Saltwater tanks rely on a different kind of filtration than freshwater. The majority of members here that run slatwater tanks run a Live Rock, Live Sand and Protien SKimmer Filtration. That is it. No Hang on Top filters or canister filters, no bioballs or wet-dry systems. Just the natural rock and sand found in your livestock's natural habitat. The Live Rock harbors aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that help complete the Nitrogen cycle. You will want about 25-35 ls of live rock (that is an arbritrary number, the tank should be about 2/3 full). As for Live Sand, you will want a 4-6" sand bed, anything between 1-4" will not be suffecient. Lastly, the Protein Skimmer pulls Dissolved Organic Compounds out of the water through the proccess of foam fractionization. This helps to keep your Alkalinity and Calcium steady. Those arevery important elemnets of a marine tank.

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