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okay right now...i have some used aragonite that had salt in it and i just put water in without salt i was told this would be fine initially and it is filled up about a foot high and i have 75 lbs of aragonite and about 10 lbs of live rock which i think is just base rock now so would you recommend getting salt and starting up cycling now?
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hmm, test all your filters first to see if they are working, expesially the sump
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or could i just put only the water in without salt right away or would the live rock and aragonite get all messed up from that...sorry i guys and girls i am brand new to this i have only had a freshwater tank for like 4 months and i changed to salt because it is so much more facinating but from what i am realizing now it is much more expensive
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By the way dont always take my information and use it right away as i have never owned a saltwater tank before, i have done research on them since i plan on having one myself this summer but i have never had one. My facts are based on research, not experiance

Good point, the freshwater will damage or kill the live rock, im not sure but maybe you can keep it in a bucket of saltwater for a few days while you make sure everything in the tank works?
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i dont even have salt right now lol i just had this tank thrown on me and i wanted to get the rock in water
the guy said the aragonite had salt in it though
im prolly going to go to the store tomorrow and get some salt
but i need a hydrometer that i already bought online and wont get until monday with my hang on overflow
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if you put your live rock in water without salt, it will die. Also if you leave it out of the water for to long it will die also.

And when you get all your supplies you can fill up your tank and start cycling it. But you really need your hydrometer in order to get the salinity right.
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awesome i have a hydrometer on its way from california with an overflow so i guess ill just ahve to wait.......what other supplies will i need to start up the tank i just want to get the cycling stage going i would like to have some fish by late march if it is possible

i currently have
-sump with bio balls and foam pads
-protein skimmer with powerhead attached
-ehiem 2217 filter
-75 lbs of aragonite
-10 lbs of live rock (assuming almost dead)
-proper lighting not sure of the wattage

i am getting
-hang on overflow (in transit)
-hydrometer (in transit)
-salt 200 gallons worth
-live rock ( slowly working my way up to 150 lbs)
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ps ...i am going with a fowlr tank
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Originally Posted by tomgray
o and i am going with a hang-on over flow how many gph should i be looking at?
On my 120 I have a 1200gal/hr pump. As for the tap water. There will be somebody that will say something about it. But to fill it up the first time I used tap water. I dont have a Ro/DI filter so I wasnt forking out the money to buy all the water that walmart had to fill it up. So I filled it up with tap the first time only. Now everytime I need to add water or water change I buy RO water.
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