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Your skimmer will work fine along with the filter you have for flow I think. The smallest powerhead will be too much I think for a 3 gallon. The shrimp is to start the cycle. It will decompose. You know about the Nitrogen cycle correct? Do a search and read about it, probably the keystone of the saltwater hobby. Understanding it will help you alot and maybe why so we are against this idea. Yeah, any dead shrimp will work. Go to the seafood area of the gorcery store and see if there are any fresh cocktail shrimp without additives and get one.
No idea what a powerfilter/oxyskimmer is, never heard of a combined system. Thought you already had a power filter.

Dont know if some light is enough. You want it in direct light.

Really? I never actually knew that, never owned one, thought it was the same thing in a different color to clown gobys. Citrons are the bright orange ones right?

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Originally Posted by Bluetangclan View Post
Really? I never actually knew that, never owned one, thought it was the same thing in a different color to clown gobys. Citrons are the bright orange ones right?
Sure enough. It is surprising how often cold water species pop up in the trade.
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yes i have a filter but its just a small one its an 40 GPH not enough. the one im getting is is a 95 GPH and its a power filter combined with a oxy skimmer ill post a link of it. and about the light what did you mean about direct light?
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Dont think that is a real skimmer, looks like deceptive marketing to me. That kind just does surface stuff. A skimmer injects microbubbles into a chamber which I believe bonds to dissolved organic material in the water and bubbles it up to a chamber you can rinse out when it gets full. Look up biocube skimmers. Here is one.
Oceanic BioCube Protein Skimmer at PETCO.

That would work fine for your tank. Never go by what the tank size says, they are usually overblown stats.

Yes your macroalgae will need direct light not indirect. Most people keep macro in a second tank plumbed into the main tank or have an in tank refugium which you really dont have room for.

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Clarification. We are at fault, being we the hobbyists, by using our terms incorrectly. A "protein skimmer" is actually any device which skims organics from the surface of the water.

Over time, we stopped using the term "Foam Fractionator" or "Foam Separator" and instead began saying "Protein Foam Separator" and then "Protein Foam Skimmer" or "Protein Skimmer". In other words, it isn't really deceptive marketing. It is actually very accurate marketing. The hang on filter linked above actually have a surface skimmer, skimming organics from the surface. Unfortunately it does not remove these organics, as a modern Protein Skimmer does.

Clear as mud? So, bottom line, that unit is not what you want for a saltwater tank.
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