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Originally Posted by JohnnyD View Post
Interesting point. I do have a budget, i'd like to keep it around $100-115 or so. I'm a student so i'm kinda buying the equipment piece by piece haha. Could i get a decent HOB skimmer for around that or am i pushing it?

I also just purchased the AQUACLEAR POWERHEAD 50 off ebay. I got it for 17 bucks new so I went ahead and pulled the trigger and got it. Would that power head suffice or should I get another as well?

Thanks again for all the help guys. Super Skimmer with Needle Wheel - Up to 65 Gallon: Home & Garden

That is an insane price for a skimmer that was recommended to me for my 46 bow.
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for the skimmer here is one one Ebay I know pasfur would agree with the may want to bid on, bidding is at 50$:

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Originally Posted by terryap View Post
I figure on water current around 30 X the size of your tank will give you a decent water current, I have however seen on the forum 15 X the size, but I think this is more for FOWLR.
if you are planning on any corals at all, I would definately aim for minimum 30x tank size.
Well if anything ive learned that the specs on the websites are misleading. It says the AQUACLEAR POWERHEAD 50 has 270 gph and is good for tanks up to 50 gallons. Haha turns out ill need at least 3 of them to get enough gph!
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I have 20 in my nano and it's plenty. Though more couldn't hurt I suppose and any hard corals would do much better under higher currents up to 50 times and over.

I usually recommend 15 times minimum, because that seems to be about enough to prevent the majority (if not all) of detritus build up with good powerhead placement. I could get away with less flow in my 15, thats for sure.
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I am aiming at around 2000 gph total for my 65 gallon, already got the SEIO super flow 1500 gph, and will be buying a smaller one at around 500 gph, checking out deals on ebay
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I agree with willie, for a smaller tank FOWLR I don't think you will have a problem, with a minimum of 15X, but I am planning on some corals, so I'm going BIGGER.... :)
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I'm definitely going to want to get some corals at some point as well
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I just realized i put that i was building a FOWLR earlier, but i actually plan on having coral at some point. The Coralife super skimmer 125 gal should still be ok right?
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I would recommend the Coralife Super Skimmer for your budget. I agree with Terry Ann, you should bid on that skimmer.
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Got a great deal on ebay, was looking for a MJ500, BUT couldn't resist when I bid on a koralia 4, 1200 GPH and got it for 27$$$ they go for around 100 here with tax!!!! and I won the bid!!!
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