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Originally Posted by bettababy
So far so good here...
How many and what kinds of fish? What kind of substrate? And, what kind of foods are you feeding? Some foods contain heavy amounts of phosphate, among other things, and decreasing a particular food can sometimes do the trick. I agree that we need to see water params before anyone can define the problem.
He quoted that he has sand ;)

55 Gallon:1 Baby Bristlienose,1 Swordtail, 1 Bala Shark, 2 Common Pleco, 2 Clown Loaches, 2 angel fish,3 (look a like) rasbora Tetra's, 4 Black Skirt Tetra's, 4 Long-finned Gold Zebra Danios, 4 Cardinal Jumbo Tetra's,6 Red Eye Tetra's, 7 neon tetra's
10 Gallon Nano Reef:1 Chocolate Starfish, many snails...Work is in progress...err
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Less feedings.

Nice protein skimmer.

large sump to add water volume and a turnover to the tank. You would be surprised by how much nicer a tank can be when the water in it moves around to a sump and back. Helps to oxygenate the water which displaces toxins.

An add on refugium of 10g with a nice light.

I'm questioning the lighting. How long is it running daily? My fear is that the spectrums may promote algae growth. 14K and higher really limits the amount of growth the algae can have. Also under powering it can inhibit growth. Remember that there is zero competition in your tank. Building a fuge and stocking it correctly will remove the nutrients that the algae will need to flourish in the display. Old bulbs have the same effect.

Sea Hare. Get a sea hare. Nothing will out eat algae then a sea hare. I'll bet you my entire tank.
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I also wanted to add that you should check for high levels of phosphate. Phos will really speed up algae and cyano. If you have a continuous problem with phos a phosphate reactor from 2 little fishies is only about $50 with pump. From what I've seen in person they work like magic. I've seen the same small canister on both 50g and 240g tanks.

By the way your rock did not die, it was never alive. lol. The bacteria on the rock is alive and kicking. The benefits of the rock if reduced will come back. You should plan on having about 25lbs in your FOWLR. You can add it as slowly as your budget will allow.
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i had some algea in mine awhile ago and i found reducing the amount oftime the lights were on an giving less food while feeding helped a bunch
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Originally Posted by squiggles
i had some algea in mine awhile ago and i found reducing the amount oftime the lights were on an giving less food while feeding helped a bunch
I did that too. I also bought some macro algae to absorb some of the phosphate in the water and it worked well too.
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I also want to add, are you using tap water or RO water for the water changes? Tap water usually contains allot of minerals and maybe some nitrates or phosphates, which is common to cause algae in marine tanks.
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Thanks for all of the advice, guys.

I have been using tap water for the water changes. Of course, I treat it with a dechlorinating tap water conditioner. I know it still isn't as good as RO.

The tank has been setup since the summer and I have sand at the bottom. I forget what it was called, but it was the sand that had the beneficial bacteria already in it. At least, I'm assuming that's what I paid for, lol.

For the past few weeks we've had two 48" All Glass Aquarium 32 watt flourescent bulbs on over the tank throughout most of the day.

I'd love to bring in a clean up crew and a sea hare but our Stars and Stripes puffer would probably make quick work of them. I've seen him pick snails from their shells and even dislodge and "dismantle" a few hermit crabs. He is really a glutton and eats nearly every piece of food I put in the tank.

To answer bettababy's question, their daily diet consists of the following twice a day:

A cube of mysis shrimp.
A cube of Angel Formula I or II (Green Cube)
1.5 Silversides
5 or so pieces of brown prawn or pink krill
Some marine flakes

This is to feed 1 stars and stripes puffer fish, 1 magestic angel fish, 1 juvenille bicolor angel fish, 1 yellow box fish, 2 juvenille yellow box fish, and either 4 or 5 pink anthias. (I lost one anthias for sure when I raised the heat and lowered the salinity last week in my ongoing battle against ich and one more is mia).

As far as the tank levels, the test kit has proved inaccurate. We were convinced we could not get a new fish because the levels looked bad and two others independently confirmed that the levels were good. We need a new kit.

I'm sure things aren't looking good now, though. The protein skimmer has been off for nearly a month because I was told it had to be during the tank's treatmening with "Ich Attack" (which has yet to work :().

I've got algea. I've got ich. Help us, Obi Wan Kenobi. You're our only hope.
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I'm going to say you feed way to heavily. Your fish love you. That is a problem with predator tanks. They consume a lot and produce a lot of wastes. You might want to start doing daily water changes. Especially if using tap water. With tap think of it like this. Because you are introducing byproducts into the tank with each water change you shorten the length of time you can go between changes. I've heard of great success with predator tanks getting a 1 gallon water change daily with feedings. Feed the tank and do a 1 g change about 10 minutes later. 1 gallon is so easy. Mix up a 5g jug of salt and just siphon off 1g into an old milk jug. Would take less than 5 minutes. This is why predatory tanks are advised to be of every large quantity.
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I would like to cut back the feedings to once a day, but my girlfriend can't seem to resist the puffer fish's big brown eyes or how it follows her as she walks by the tank, doing that special "mommy, i'm hungry, please feed me" wiggle. Do you think the feedings can be halved to one meal a day or would I find them eating each other?

A sea hare is a no go with a puffer, huh? I don't even know what it is... I just assumed that if it is nice or helpful my puffer would eat it because that always seems to be the case :p If only it weren't so cool I could justify getting rid of it and converting the tank to a reef. I'm kidding myself, though... it's got me wrapped around its fin :)
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I feed my sometimes once a day. I dont mean to its because I'll work late and forget. It is all right to go with 1 feeding till you get the algea under control. But test the water to see were your water parameters are. Tell your girlfriend that they will do that. All 17 of my fish do that all do even if I do feed them. Tell her to back of. They must have her trained.
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