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Step 14

Once the sealant has been placed on one side of the final wall, remove the tape. This next step will be the most difficult step of this build.

When you apply the sealant to the inside of the sponge chamber you could use a tool (such as a baby spoon) or just closely place it along the joint and use your finger tip to accurately set the bead. It is also easier to use a full tube of sealant instead of an almost empty one. When you've successfully applied sealant to all the edges, remove all of the masking tape. Don't forget to clean the applicator nozzle and cap the sealant tube.

Let the Sump sealant cure overnight before moving.

When the sealant has cure you can use a razor blade to remove any excess or accidents.

When the Sealant is Fresh/Wet it has a strong Vinegar odor. Work in a well ventilated area.
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You now have a customized sump that cost a fraction of what a Pre-fab one does.

I was looking at sumps on the internet and the size I needed cost anywhere from $200 to $400. This build was approximately $50 - $60 not counting the Sponge filter or fishing line. All of the tools I already had so there was no expense there either.

Since I will have TWO 54 Gallon Corner Reef Tanks, the cost of purchasing sumps for the pair would have been $400 to $800 !!!

But since I built them myself I saved almost $700 !!!

To put that in perspective... That's about how much I will be spending on ALL the equipment for the Reef tanks (The Skimmers, Powerheads, Pumps, Heaters, and even lighting!)
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If anyone has any additional Tips that could be beneficial for those using these steps as a guide please feel free to post them.

Thanks and Happy Reefing!
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Ugh. I'm about to go work out of state at an Oil Refinery Shutdown... This means they'll be shutting down a good portion of the Refinery to perform Maintenance and Repair tasks. That being said, I will be working nights for a month straight... 12 hours a day and 7 days a week... The extra revenue will be nice though.

Dr. FosterSmith here I come ...
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We'll try to be patient for the next installment. . . keep up the great work, and have a safe trip!
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Reef tank circulation question

So I've done some research and from what I've gathered the following. Post your responses and opinions please...

Tank type = (# times tank capacity)
FO = 10 X laminar
FOWLR = 20 X laminar
Reef with beginner inverts = 20 to 40 X (depending on inverts) turbulent , wave
Reef with hard corals / inverts = >40 X turbulent , wave

My reefs will likely contain :
Zoas , mushrooms , Kenya , feather duster and (even though it's not required) some sort of anemone or host for a pair of clowns... I was also considering maybe a soft coral but haven't done enough research.

With the equipment I'll have there will be approximately 37X water flow of turbulent not laminar circulation.

What are your thoughts on this setup?
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Reference Team
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Some of those numbers seem high but if you are doing stony corals you want the high range. I shoot for 20-40 times turn over rate for my coral tanks and most of them are a mixed reef including soft,LPS,and SPS corals.
37 times turn over rate should be about right especially if there are multiple points of flow.Also I really like DIY so I look forward to seeing your sump in action.A little work can save alot of money.
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Lion Fish Mouth Size?

After scouring the inter webs for days every article/forum/website states that the Lion fish will and/or could eat any fish that could fit in it's mouth. Not one ever states the size of said mouth. I understand that different types of lions have different size mouths but throw us a bone here...

So let's ask this...

What is the largest size of fish prey a Dwarf Zebra Lion could consume (In inches or cm please) ???


Any other types of lions that are common as well too please.

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A volitan can eat huge things like cardinals,damsels,aother fish and inverts they can catch. I would say a full grown volitan could easily put down a 4 inch fish. Now the dwarf lions such as the fuzzy or zebra wll stilll be able to eat fish about 1 inch in size and try to eat your crustaceans.That being said once they are housed with a fish that they think they cannot eat or catch then they will start to not look at it as food anymore.I have seen a few damsels that the volitans just did not care for any more.

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