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Well, I have to leave everything in someones hand until next Friday as I fly out for Florida in a few hours. I've left specific feeding instructions and to call if they see anything out of the ordinary. I'm actuall more worried about my FW tank ans the 2 leopard fish in there have gone through hell the last few weeks but they seem to be coming out ok. I even left out example amounts of how much food to feed for both tanks. No more no matter how hungry they might fool you into believing.

I did a few minor mods over the last 2 days 2 the 20 gal SW. Completely removed the standard HOB filter, added Chemi Pure and a Pura Filtration pad based on some advice of a lfs. He's been in the business for 40 years so I hope I'm not making any mistakes as theres nothing I can do until next Friday. I'll check in here while I'm gone.
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You should be using the Chemipure Elite, as it has Ferric Oxide in it.
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I grabbed one of those Kenya Trees after seeing yours. Pretty neat coral. Developing a soft coral fascination I'm afraid.
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Watchem, they propagate like mad once you've got them established. You'll see em drop lil stems in the water to catch hold somewhere in the tank.
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Looks and sounds interesting :)
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Wow really? I didn't know they propagated like that. I know they grow fast and get quite large. Well I suppose on the bright side if that's the case I'll have plenty of little frags to trade eventually.
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Looks cool, looks like you have a small forrest once they get going.
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I was told this when I bpught them. One thing suggested was, make sure they're in a the right water flow. To little to none and they may not do well. Too much to where they're bent over and that will cause the propigation faster as they'll drop limbs faster, creating the propagation.
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So, we got back last night. Everything is still looking good. I did water tests last night and 0's across the board with calcium coming in about 380. Water changes tomorrow and dosing a few days later. We just watched our biggest hermit crab change shells back and forth twice and the one he chose was the one I had blocking the mushroom in to attach to something. Apparently, the nushroom attached to the shell he wanted and went for a bit of a ride before he swithched back. Got to figure out somewhere else to put the mushroom tomorrow as well. Just glad I came home to a healthy tank and that the neighbors did a great job watching and feeding everything. I feel like we got lucky with a new tank, having people come over to feed that aren't fish people and everything doing well.
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