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Are you referring to the first pic of the algae in the QT? It's coming off the rock, about 1/2 to 3/4 long.

Or are you referring to the main tank?

Originally Posted by Reefing Madness View Post
Still looks like Diatoms growing all over. You can leave the Shroom there, looks good. Put a rock under it so it has something to grab onto.
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DT, looks like strands of Diatoms, they look brown to me. ?? No?
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Yeah, they are brown. There is a diatom bloom going on I just thought the longer "strandy" type algae was some sort of hair algae? Either way, the snail is cleaning it up nicely.
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New arrivals

OK, picked up a Kenya Tree and a feather duster today. I hate asking questions after the fact as it makes me feel a bit dumb. Can feather dusters and coral banded shrimp co-exist? The CB shrimp went straight at it and started picking away to where I had to reach in a get him out of the general area. The lfs said it wouldn't be a problem. Anyways, here's pics. One also of the HAmmer coral expanded.

Feather duster

Kenya tree still acclimating. Hoping that's a fairly calm spot otherwise I'll have to move it a little.

Hammer coral. I can never get a decent pic.

Hopefully, thefeather duster and CB will be fine. I really like the feather dusters and want to be able to put a couple more in down the road.

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They are generally Reef safe. Throw something in there for him to munch on. Was he going at the Feather Duster or the tube?
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Started with the tube, then either a bit of feather ot the worm itself. Either way, the worm shot back in the tube and it freaked the shrimp out. Now the shrimps back hiding in his corner. The Kenya tree is slowly starting to branch out, when it does I'll get another pic.
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Starting to come out a little bit more.

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Just finshedmy first calcium test- 360-380. I know that's low. I'm topping off with fresh and going to re-test along with test for everything else in a few hours. If it's still low, should I do a small WC or supplement if everything else checks out ok?
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Supp if everything else checks out.
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