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Well, no floods! Whew! Everything is still running good. However, in the middle of the night I woke up to a loud gurgling/slurping noise (freaked me out to say the least). It's the drain pipe. Idk why it does it, but every so often, sometimes every 5 mins, sometimes every hour, it makes this loud noise as it sucks in the water. Sort of sounds like when you're at the bottom of a soft drink slurping through a straw. Anyways, Idk why it's doing this. It will go on from anywhere from 5 seconds, to 5 mins... and it's rather annoying. Is the top of the pipe too close to the surface of the water? How can I fix this?
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Yea, figured it was going to be noisy. Get just a small piece of pvc stick a 90 elbow on it and put the on the intake side. That will quiet it down. That's why the big Durso Pioe is used, the one you took off, it quiets the gurgling down but yiu don't need it that big. The 90 degree elbow will work just fine. And I'm only talking like usig a 4" piece of pvc.
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Ok, for that to work I'm pretty sure I have to shorten the vertical pipe then.
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If I may ask a question here, looking at the top view of the overflow should there not be a small hole in the top of the 90 that's on the drain to allow it to siphon? That's the way my overflow is set up and you can't hear it at all. Just a question though.
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Your only going to use a 4" vertical pipe, if that. Yiu want thus thing on the bottom of yiur overflow. No reason to give it any height.
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The reason I want to give it height is because my sump can not handle the entire volume of the overflow
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Huh? Whats the height go to do with the overflow? Its still going to flow, wether its 4" or 12". I don't get it. ? Put a vlalve on the intake side going into the sump. ?? This will slow it down, but is your return pump going to pump more than whats being drained?
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The overflow fills up with water. If I shorten the pipe, more water from the overflow will go into my sump in the event of a power outage. I can't have all of it going in.
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No it won't. When the pump shuts off, no more water goes into that overflow. If the overflow is macthed up, then only a few inches would go into the sump, thats how they work. You have to have a low and a high on the sump, the high would be the greatest point at which if you had an outage the water returning from both lines and the overflow would not fill the sump totally.
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So you're telling me, that when the overflow is full, and if there is no pipe in the drain bulkhead, that the entire overflow will not drain into the sump? That can't be.
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