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mine aint done nothin yet..
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Cooley the best setup would be to lay the canvas over the acrylic. Or at least, grind the acrylic so much you can't even see shapes through it. The way you have it now, when algae is thick, it will get washed off.

Slick: Post some pics of the flow on the screen. What is the bulb type/power?
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Successes Update:

Macman on the RF site: "To show how affective these scrubbers are I have carried out a little experiment. As you may know I have been running a small 180 litre tank fully stocked with corals and fish, running an external filter and an internal filter. My nitrates have always been between 7 and 12, but I recently had a death of one of my fish and corals which put the nitrate through the roof (and I mean through the roof!) Between 80 and 100 VERY SERIOUS. I decided with my new 7 week old 400 litre tank (which only runs a scrubber) and has nitrates at <1 to carry out a few water exchanges [between the new and old tanks]. I exchanged approximately 80-100 litres in about 5 days, and saw my nitrates go from <1 to nearer 50 in the new tank (A little worrying, but to be expected when considering the concentration of nitrates in the smaller tank). That [nitrate] test was carried out on 12th March. I carried out the same [nitrate] test last night, 25th March, on the scrubber tank and my nitrates are 25. Like I said before this tank has only a scrubber within its system, and live rock. The only thing I did notice [on the new tank] before the water exchange was that I was getting to a period where I was getting a nice light green algae build up on the scrubber, and once I had done the water exchange the algae went back to a dirty black/brown on the scrubber. Only this morning have I started to see a little green again, so it has set me back a few weeks. This system does work and this proofs it. I must admit I was a little concerned when my water went near to 50, but the scrubber came good for me."

Melonbob on the LR site: "Well, just figured I'd update my success story. February 2nd I set up my algae scrubber, and clean one side every friday. I've gone from at least 30-40 nitrates down to less than 5 as of todays test! And lets just say I'm very lazy with water! I'm jazzed!"

Creetin on the SRC site: "day 60 update...! i prolly will stop counting the days but so far i have to say 2 months into the scrubber thingy and i am totally sold on it! its amazing such a great kick algae ###### idea has remained eluded from most of SM, allow me to say that you are truly my idol!!! This has got to be one of the single most important 'discoveries' being revealed...."
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the flow comes of the bottom of the canvas like a sheet of glass ,and thanks for introducing this mechinism to the forum!!! i'll post pics tho, i thought i did?the bulb is a GE, 26watt=100watt, 1600 lumens,daylight 6500k ,spiral bulb.
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the pump for it
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Slick the problem is just time. I forgot that you just turned it on two days ago :)

Wait 7 days and report, then wait another 7 days and report again.
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Ok 220 salt FOWLR. 24 inch x 10 inch 240 Sq inch . 35 gph x 24 inch wide 840 gph ???
MAG pump 1200 gph .Plan on mounting pump at water level of tank were just the inlet part of pump is in the water ?? or could put pump inside tank at the bottom ?? Pumping water up thru tube in to scrubber 24" x 10 " .24 " light bar on both sides of scrubber. Then drains out other side of tank ...
please comment thanks .....
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Yes it will work great if built properly. For a simple one-screen design, use two of these lighting units on each side:
(i.e., four total units, eight total bulbs).

Keep the lights no more than 2" from the screen (mine are 1"). Here are the replacement bulbs:

The reason you need the replacement bulbs is that the unit comes with two bulbs: 10K and Actinic. But you don't want the actinic, since we are not lighting corals, and even the 10K are too blue for algae. So you replace them with "plant-grow" pink bulbs.

I'm assuming you will be using a slot in the pipe, and that the screen will go into it. You are correct that you need 840 gph for the screen, so put a gate valve (not a ball valve) on the 1200 mag pump. Keeping the pump high in the tank is a good safety feature. Of course if you let the water in the tank get too low, there are going to be a million bubbles created. But at least if any plumping breaks, it can only pump out a little bit before the pump is out of the water.

Note that the lighting will be extrememly bright, so make sure your hood is completely sealed to keep the light in. And the safest way to build the hood is to make is from acrylic, in order to keep all water off of the lights. Then you can build a decorative covering around the acrylic.

On your "hose out to tank", make sure that the hose/hole comes out the bottom of the scrubber, and not the side. This will keep the water level low in the scrubber, which will expose more of the screen. Also, if possible, put the hole in the center instead of the end. This will further help get as much water out as possible from both ends.

On the "hose into scrubber", make sure to put a union on the inside, so the pipe can be removed easily.

Biggest decision: How to hold the screen in the pipe. Tie-wraps, or T-shaped slides that insert from the end, or giant C-clamps that wrap around the pipe, etc, are all possible. It just needs to be easy to get the screen (and the pipe) out for cleaning. Since you have the advantage of being able to easily reach your scrubber, you should just place a hinge on the top of the scrubber, so you can just tilt it out of the way to remove the pipe and screen.

Good design!
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