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live rock

Im ready to look at some lr to buy for my 20 gallon. i dont want the tank to be bare i want a good amount of rock.
I like this because its im my price range but im worried if i buy 22 pounds of it they willl send me 1 or 2 big peices and my fish wont have enuff hiding places. Do you know how big 22 pounds of lr is? is this rock good? light,porus.
I also like this but its a little out of my price range.

My lf carrys lr but iv never considered it becuase im guessing it will be low quality. how can i tell if its of good quality?
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Im not an expert on live rock but I do believe if you can see algae or things growing on the live rock at your lfs then it should be good rock. Thats what I was told anyways. Sorry I cant help more.
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Check out my friend Monica at She has way better prices and will help you by picking out exactly what will suit you best. Tell her I sent you. I've bought over 400lbs from her myself.
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I was told that urually when places like that send you live rock its a gamble. you could get alot of small pieces or a few really big pieces. We have not personally bought out live rock from the internet before, so i couldnt tell you for sure.
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Foster and Smiths is a reputable company. I recommended Monica because I personally know her, as a friend, not just an internet buddy. Her shop is about an hour away from the house. I've been a few times. She also sponsors several of our local forums and outings, inlcuding our HUGE collection trip in Port A this year. Woohoooo..... I got a room that sleeps 7. See you all there.
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lol are there alot of nerds at those conventions or are some of them normal?
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I bought some of the Carribean live rock off live aquaria. It was nice, really big pieces. Though still would all would be able to fit in a 20g. They have the nano pack in that kind is only 15 lbs, but smaller pieces.

55g Mixed LPS & Softie reef, 60 lbs live rock. 260 Watts PC, 24g Sump/Fuge, CSS 220 Protien Skimmer. Started August - 2006
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