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i dont have one i can suggest, and i do know they can be pricey. it might be a good idea to shop around on ebay, craigslist, a local reefing club, for a used one. i would also keep in mind any future upgrades ( id hate to see you drop $100-200 on a chiller that wont be strong enough for your next tank down the road, if there will be one )

i dont think a heat spike for one day would cause much if any bleaching unless the temps ran high but its very well possible. once you pass about 85+ your in the danger zone. long term id say even 80+ can be dangerous. ive had my tank at 80 though during summer months with no visible ill effects.
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so im still having this sand problem and ive been keeping the temp lower simply by keeping the house cooler...hopefully something i wont have to do long term since that will get expensive haha. i have noticed my forgspawn is coming out a little more but I expected that to happen. i have just been removing the clumps of sand by hand but im worried im going to lose too much sand. I have some more sand stored away that i could add if needed but I'd like to get to the root of this problem. do you think bringing a clump of the sand to my LFS would be of any benefit? i hate to say it but I havent been impressed with them at all lately so I havent been there in a couple of weeks. has anyone seen anything else like this on a diff forum or anything? I appreciate all input. Thanks guys
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Hi Johnny, from what I can see here this is probably a lighting/nutrient/flow issue... lighting is either failing (shifting spectrum) Nutrient as in elevated but perhaps undetectable nitrate (try running purigen fantastic stuff) and Flow... not quite enough movement to stir up detritus which is breaking down in the sand bed and feeding an algae, sand sifters for your cuc would help but check the age of your lights, what are they by the way? I think the algae is probably the same as the harder green algae that grows on your glass, not coraline just green, good luck!
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BlueHalo I agree, and the algae is a form of Cyano bacteria, I've had this before, it comes in a number of colors can be red or even black.
Feed less, increase flow *maybe even change flow direction, mechanical removal.
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