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How long to expect drop in chemistry levels?

I just got my phosphate test kit, and phospure (iron-based phosphate remover, I've read aluminum isn't recommended, and the added iron should help the beneficial algae growth) in today, placed two tablespoons (about the directed amount) of phospure in the bag I placed in the refugium, I added carbon about a week ago to the refugium, and 2 days ago I added 2 shaving brush algae to the main tank, and some chaetomorpha to the refugium.

Currently my nitrates are 30, nitrites 0, ammonia 0, phosphates 0.5, and I've been fighting a losing battle against red cyano for months, even after cutting the feedings to a 1/2 cube of frozen food per day, and 1oz of phytoplankton per week for the corals

How long does it usually take for all these additions to take effect? (I think the carbon and algae would get rid of nitrates, maybe ammonia, and phospure for the phosphates, of course)
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umm. im unsure of your actual question but you may want to perform a water change. yes cheato will help reduce nitrates but you should still be doing a weekly water change.
the algae growth is most likely from the phosphate readings your getting. are you using tap water or reverse osmosis?
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I've always done weekly 10% water changes. Originally it was reverse osmosis bought from Publix, but now I've been refilling my water containers from the Glacier machines there, which is carbon filtered, "micron filtered", UV filtered, reverse osmosis filtered, carbon filtered again, then UV filtered once more...
Unfortunately, doing tests on the water, it MIGHT still have 0.5ppm phosphates, like the 0.5ppm phosphates I'm experiencing with my aquarium (I've found it's a bit difficult to tell between 0.0 and 0.5ppm with the API phosphate kit).
I also heard from my LFS that this part of FL might be putting phosphates in the water supply, so I'm not sure how to get rid of that. Anyone have any luck with evaporation filtration, like desalinization methods? :D
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