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How Long

Ok tank has been running for two months. This last month with a clean up crew. I went to Petco and bought two Perc. Clowns. They have been in quarantine for a week now. They are eating well, and happy. I do daily water changes, started at 1.016 and now its at 1.020. How long should I keep them in quarantine before adding them to the DT.
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What is the salinity of your DT? What are you quarantining the fish with? If you are keeping them in the QT for medicine, you should qt for 6 weeks.
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DT salinity is 1.024, I am only QT because I have read that all saltwater fish need to be QT'ed before added to the display tank. My QT is a 10 gallon, with a hob that just has a sponge in it that was seeded for a week in the DT, It also has a heater keeping it at 78 deg like the DT.

No medications just doing it because i read that it should be done with all fish.
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In QT you watch for issues with the fish, or if they come up with anything out of the ordinary. QT the fish if it has any problems for 6 weeks, using the proper medications. But, if the fish do not have any issues, I'd leave em for 2-3weeks.
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great thanks. I was thinking that long but just wanted confirmation.
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