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What other types of filtration do they have it they don't have anough live rock?

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People around here that dont like live rock if not much use hang on the back or canister filters. I was tring to say dont skip on the live rock but worded it wrong. I have also seen some use very little live rock but has a sump with micro algea in it. Sorry for confusion
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Micro algee?
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Your LFS store should have some its algea that you can put in your sump. It will compete and consume the nutrients before they get back to the main tank.http://liveaquaria.com/product/prod_...fm?pCatId=2401
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I didn't get to see it to much but I know he doesn't have alot of coral and some looks like its dead or something lol. Here are a few updated pics from today sorry about the glare on a few, Can anyone tell me what that ting is inside the rock in the bucket pick?

too much lol

I love this clam he has a funky shell

clam love
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I am pretty happy how things have turned out so far. The tank over all is alot cleaner there are a few bad spots but are getting better. I would love to get some more red and green in the tank anyone have ideas on what?
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as far as adding some red and green we still need to know the wattage of your bulbs to know what corals you can not put in your tank if any. I am assuming you mean corals not fish.

Green seems to be easier to find then red at least in my area green is all over the place.

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Flower anemone

Maxima clam.

You also have a giant elephant ear mushroom, green star polyps, brown button polyps (also known as paly's), numerous other mushrooms. Your maxima appears to have the beginnings of a tiny sarcophyton leather.
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