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One observation for other newbies, I made a minor mistake by leaving my power heads on while I actually added my sand. This made power heads very noisy. (was afraid I ruined them) They quieted down but I know this a no brainer for many to leave the power head off while pouring in sand. I just have happen to over look the situation.

Maybe it would be best not to add power heads until the sand is already added.

I just wanted to add this so others do not run into the same situation I did early on.
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My tank is slowly clearing up. Here is an updated pic.

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You can hold a power head in your hand and gently blow the sand off the live lock.
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^^ +1 or use a turkey baster or pipette
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My new test results

PH 8.2
Ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 0
salinity 30
gravity 1.0225
temp 79.5

Here's a pic of the tank it is totally clear and has white algae on the back glass.

Time to add clean up crew?
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Ok I have my clean up crew 8 hermit crabs, 3 Nassarius snails, 2 small fiddler crabs.

My nassarius snail ate 2 of my live crabs I thought they were suppose to eat only dead things?

Any suggestions?
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post #27 of 29 Old 12-20-2008, 07:08 AM
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fiddler crabs?

they need a place to get completely out of water.

the nassarious most likely ate a dead one.
i would slowly increase your snail count, with different kinds.
turbo snails, cerith snails, nerite snails, stomatallas..

and just so you know hermit crabs are known for eating snails out of their shells so keep plenty empties laying around the sand.
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Agreed. All you have is carnivorous inverts. Some Astreas and Turbos should help on the vegetation.

And fiddler crabs are brackish and as stated, need to be able to get out of the water.
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Any updates Carp? I'm curious to know how the tank is going

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to a pessimist, the glass is half-empty;
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