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How are you dosing this? I've heard, from a reputable aquarist, but i can't find the ref. so i won't put a name, that if you put too much of Mg, say epson salt, it could cause the ions in the tank to crash. That's why it's important to use 2 diff types of Mg, but given the 5ppm drop, I'd say it's consumption from the life in the tank. I agree with Pasfur, though your Ca isn't dropping, very unusual, your Mg is steadily.

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Ok, so I've been reading for the last hour trying to get my arms around this. The only place I know to turn when looking for an answer to an aquarium related chemistry question is Randy Holmes Farley. If anyone wants to join my hunt, here is the link of articles i'm reading:

Some of these are Randy Holmes Farley, others are not. Given that I am readying the RHF articles, perhaps someone else will start with Ron Shimek.

For the record, so far the only thing i've learned is that dripping Kalk can lower magnesium in relation to calcium. Why? Because calcification increases, which increases magnesium demand. So, again I ask, are your dripping Kalk?
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Hi All, I finally got my Magnesium up. I began using Tropic Marin Magnesium at the Max Dossage and within a week My MG is now at 1350. I think the Brightwell Aquatics that I was using before was a waste of Money. Tropic Marin Mg was the way to go. I do dose weekly with CA. It maintains 450. And yes I do have excellant coraline everywere. I also have many soft and stony corals. Thanks for all of the help. Different brands do make a difference. Thanks ALL!!!!!

Also I do not drip kalk. I use one and half tablspoons of powder weekly.

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adding powder directly to the tank is going to lead to unstable results. i suggest pre-diluting in some RO/DI water.
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I am sorry onefish2, I do dillute it into one cup of RODI water and then add it to the sump. I also dilute the Mg as well before adding.
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no need to appologize, i just wanted to make sure you were aware as well as anyone following along reading this thread.
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sorry to join the party late! Just stumbled across this thread. For what it's worth, to others who might come along and read, Kent Marine's Tech-M magnesium supplement has worked great for me, that's another option for a quality product/brand.

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Glad this is solved. I am still confused as to why magnesium was being depleted at a rate that far exceeded calcium removal. Perhaps the tests results were not showing the calcium utilized due to daily calcium replacement.

The lessen here is that every system has different needs. It is critical to test your water and learn what levels of replacement are necessary, rather than just follow the directions on the bottle.-)
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