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So does 1500 canadian sound like a fair price for all this stuff??
Also what is fowlr tank and what is ro water?
Thanks for all your help
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FOWLR is fish only with live rock, a good begginer combination. RO water is Reverse Osmosis water, you should use this in a saltwater tank with a good salt mix, no tap water
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Steve ask the guy who owned the tank what kind of corals he kept and you will know what kind of corals you will beable to keep. Musho im sure those pc lights will be fine for most corals, you need to relize that there is more than one way to light an aquarium. If he has six pc lights over that tank im sure its not for a fish only therfore There probly not week pc lights. theres prolly hundreds of whats over that tank.
Steve tap water will be fine to fill your tank the first time but ro water is good to do water changes with. If you have well water(not city water) were there is no clorine added than i would say you can use that for water changes cause who wants to go out and buy an expensive ro filter?
For a good book? i wouldent recemend a book. You can get very good information on the web. I bought 'saltwater aquariums for dumbys' and i found there was not alot of good information in it, it dident mention any new filtration techneques or any good lighting methods. Try This website for good information. I bet most advice this website gives you is aproved by most of us.
check out this website for coral and fish ideas.
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1,500 loons sounds like a sweet deal, albeit a canuck one. Man that'd be an even better deal for a Yank to haul up there and convert dollars for loons on that one, eh.

It seems to be a nice tank with a fair amount of equipment. I cannot say what used tanks are going for 2,000 miles away but here in TX I'd think a well set up 125 would fetch about $1,000.
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