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woah - so sorry :/ i just used the first part of your nickname - no offense to anyone :<
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I understand. It's just I once had a woman on a another forum always snapping at me and always telling the admin board to have me banned. She'd calll me a racist in the middle of topics. It was very strange. Then one day she called me "cafer" and I asked her why she called me that. Then it was a huge case of her and "foot and mouth disease" when she realized my nick was not cafer but instead cafe racer. Since that was once a problem I felt an explanation preventing the issue from happening again was in order.

So are you in an area where you might be able to visit the oceans? Not to collect live rock but for snails and such?
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living on an island i`ve been brought up to be a true fisherman if i must say so - using techniques which only harm sea urchins to collect a large variety of coral fish. i know however that its not wise to take something out of the sea and put it in the aquarium - even though i have caught baby lion fish many times and the temptations are large. If assuming i have a quarantine tank - it possible to get fish out of the sea and into my tank?! although oceans are not really surrounding me. Cyprus is in the middle of the Mediterrenean Sea (sp?).
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Not to promote the taking of wild specimens but about 95% of what you get in the store has only been out of the oceans for about 10 days before you see it in a glass cage.

I'd love to see some pics of the urchins you mention. A fella near me has a beautiful urchin that we've never seen for sale again.

To bad about the incoming tax issue. VAT in England sucks as well. I've several motorcycle friends that wish to buy parts from the States as our dollar is now so weak (long live King George, yeah right) that they can buy parts for about 1/3rd of what they cost at home. But they spend almost 25% on shipping and taxes. They still save about 10% so it could still be cheaper if you buy a large quantity. Live rock ships very easy.
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in the shallows - 5 to 10 metres from the shore we get some taht look like these :

just did a google search. they come in red brown black and purple. - if u crush a sea urchin in a plastic bottle - all sorts of fish go crazy and actually swim through a special flap you create in the side of the bottle - which you then close. I`ll try find some pics of the main types of fish you can get.
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Cool. Cyprus, your home, sounds like a paradise. Start a new thread with everything there is to show us.
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caferacer in summer i can get lots of those sea urchins - but i dont know if they are reef safe - and if i get told how i can send them to the states somehow. i`ll gather the information then open the new thread :p
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