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that little buggar does look very similar to the mantis shrimp.... but not as a big tail. The tail was more like a stub than a big "whale flipper" from underneath the armor. How could i track him down and catch him if he is a bad little critter?

And i think he did say green chromis (thanks). Those fish were the ones the guy showed me in the shop as a recommendation.

Thanks again :)
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hmm, im going to have to double post since i only had 30 min to edit the last post,

found a long, skinny slow worm, pure white. No detail (no hairs, no head, no different colors) just crawling around on the top of the rocks. Its not part of anything else, just a 3 cm long worm.

Ive tried to look up worms that might look like it, but found no name for it.
Any info on this kind of worm?
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if it is a mantis shrimp i`m looking to buy one - although that would involve shipping to cyprus :p
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aren't mantis shrimps very hard to keep due to the size they get and can crack aquarium glass really easily.....if im thinking the right kind of shrimp...it shoots or hits the glass like a .22 caliber bullet.....very powerful for a shrimp lol :):S am i talking about the right one... because at my LFS they have one inside a large tank but is locked up in a smaller see thru box within the tank......must be some crazy shrimp :D

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Mantis's arn't very hard to keep. Depending on the specie, they can be kept in 10G or even less (more too). You can keep them with LR and corals, but no fish or inverts. Just give them hiding spots and they feel secure. You just drop a snail in every other day or so, or for bigger ones, every day. You are correct about the claw thing; you do not want to put your hand in a tank with a Mantis Roaming around.

As for the worm, I will try to do some research.
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i saw a show on the discovery channel or something about mantis shrimp. they are very colorful and cool to look at but dont seem to friendly. i also heard that they will charge your tank and break right through it. yeah i would get it out of there before it either eats all your other animals or breaks your tank! be careful getting it out though they hurt really bad!

how would you ship one of those? you cant use a plastic bag can you? i mean, if it can break glass, plastic would be no trouble for it.
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