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The Last ones you Menchend Sounds Like Copods which are very beneficial. Yeh you got some Hitchhikers Alright

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Umm, there are a considerable number of corals that can be successfully kept in nano tanks. I myself currently keep a colony of 4 heads of Neon Frogspawn (soon 5, one head is splitting), one Torch Coral, a colony of zoanthids and GSP in a 10 gallon rec.


I doubt you have a sea urchin, the flowery things are probably featherdusters - common hitchhikers, and the other stuff sounds like your average assortment of pods and worms.

The only thing I'm concerned about is the green/brown armored thing. If it's what I think it is, it could be trouble.

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hmm when i came home from school... seems like nothing is in sight right now (except a couple worms). I'm guessing all these guys are nocturnal?

New spotting's... a really REALLY long worm i spotted last night, very thin, no other description. A flat purple "leech?" that can swim around pretty fast, (when its on the rocks, it just looks like a purple splotch.)

And ive found 2 of those "sea urchins". They are purple, move very slowly, spiky, one is approx 1 cm big, the other is 3 cm. And now i cant find them.

EDIT: heres the best pic i got for now... ill get a better pic of the urchin later when it comes out.

more updates: spotted some "tiny ghost shrimps" picking up pebbles and "flying" into the rocks. Any chance these can become those bigger kinds of shrimp?

I think its more than hitchhikers... like an invasion XD

And i spy more of those flowery stationary worms.
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holy cow! sounds like you got a pretty interesting tank and you didnt even buy the fish yet! lol
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yup, still finding new stuff everyday. According to my research i think i have a couple tiny bristle worms too, half their body is yellow/see through, and the other half is blue.

I asked my nearby sea aquarium store guy to see what kind of starter fish i should get... and he said something about a green ______ ? i keep forgetting what it is but he said its even more basic than clown fish, or gobies.

itll save me a long drive if you can figure out the name :)

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Oh wow, green fish. There is a lot of green fish out there. Lol. I would think Damsels, but is there a green damsel? Oh, dont cycle your tank with fish if you plan on keeping corals.

I also doubt you would have urchins as a 'hiker. Very unlikely. I want to say it is a Brittle Star, but it may not.

The Rolley Polley thing sounds bad. Like it has armor? Does it have claws at all? A lot of visible legs?
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havnt seen that rolly polly guy in a while, but when i last remember he did have a lot of legs, and 2 larger ones in the front.. possibly claws

Would you know what it is?

And i dont plan on getting fish for a couple more weeks, so ill wait then to get some of those basic fish and coral, and maybe a invert

How small are urchins when they are babies? because i looked up brittle stars... and these things dont look like brittle stars. they have real "SPIKES" stickin out... like needles that barely move. the brittle stars i saw that i looked up look like star fish with hair, or circles with tentacles. these do not definetly look like them, unless im looking at the wrong kind of brittle star :)

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look up mantis shirmp and tell us if thats the rolly polly guy.

Also i think your petshop may have said green Chromis. check those up too.

Easy starter fish.
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sounds like you do have urchins, and guessing from the variety of hitchhikers present in your tank, it is very likely that you have a mantis shrimp in there as well. This is not necessarliy a good thing as a mantis shrimp will more than likely kill any mobile creature you add to your tank. O, and the black and white worms that stay in pne place are actually the tentacles of tiny serpent stars, they stay in the rock at that size with only their tentacles protruding to catch food particles that blow their way. : )
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I wouldn't even put any fish in just yet, And if you do i wouldn't start with Damsels, There very territorial and you might have to take out all your Rock to Catch em just my 2 cents

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