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I'm reading a bit about how to care for the rock. I'm no fully understanding it though. Can someone explain the chemicals and such?
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not me :) im doing my share of research still

To all who wonder: I can spell, I just am still getting used to using my new iPod touch and my fingers still need to figure out where the keys are.
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lol I understand.
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Reference Team
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chemicles?if your tank can suport a clown fish it can support live rock.if you keep check of your perameters then you chould be fine..and tune in here for support.

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Thanks! The site suggested by james was listing a bunch of stuff I needed to add to my tank to keep live rock living. Thought it was odd too.
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Reference Team
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there are alot of factors to alot of microfauna.but the basics are a good temp 75-82, good chemistry , and good oxygen saturation or water movement.when you want to worry about coraline algaes ,calaurpa, dusters,copapods,and other invertabrates we will get more technical.but for now you should be good to go.lotsa live rock for lotsa biological filteration...

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I would also suggest that you need at least a working understanding of alkalinity and calcium and how to maintain those levels. Ocean water has a certain balance of major and minor ions. (i.e. "salts") These salts need to be kept at the correct ratio or eventually you will have "salt water" which is not actually the equivalent of "ocean water".

Think of it this way... if you add table salt to freshwater you can get a salinity of 1.024. But this wouldn't be the saltwater that we need to maintain fish. The saltwater we need must mimic ocean water, which has certain levels of hundreds of major and minor ions, forming salts.

For this reason we use Instant Ocean or another salt mix. But even then there will be changes in these ions as acids are produced from detritus decay and organics being processed by the bacteria in the live rock and sand. The major ion in saltwater is Calcium, so even in fish only tank, you need to be concerned with alkalinity and calcium levels.

More on that here:
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Well I certainly hope you get to keep the little guy. I always loved clowns, they all have little man syndrome.
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