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Fish behavior questions

I'm just starting my aquarium and have just introduced fish. Originally I bought 2 Three Stripe Damsels and after a few days they were doing fine so I bought 3 more fish,2 more damsels, 1 yellow tail and 1 domino as well as a chocolate chip starfish (I have a 55 gallon tank, so the potential size of the starfish isn't too big of a concern).

In the few days when I just had the 3 stripe damsels I put food in the tank once a day and never saw them eating but I assumed they were because they were very active in the tank. Today I put food in the tank for the 1st time since I added the other fish and I watched the domino and yellow tail pick food out of the air while both 3 stripes did not make much of an attempt to eat and when they did they couldn't get the food into their mouth. Should I be concerned about this, or are the 3 stripes likely eating but just picking food off the plastic plants and/or bottom of the tank.

Also the 3 stripe damsels seem to be acting very aggresively towards the other 2 damsels I just introduced, is this common? And will it eventually stop? The domino and the yellow tail also stay to 1 side of the tank and I have yet to see them even attempt to explor the other side, which I find pretty weird.

As for the starfish as soon as I put it in the tank it crawled over to the glass and climbed all the way to the top, which clearly makes it impossible to feed. Currently I have brine shrimp for the starfish to eat, and I plan on buying some snails to let the starfish eat. Will this be enough or should I make the diet more varied?

Any insight on these questions will be of great help, thanks in advance.
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Sorry but I couldn't edit my post but I also was curious as to how often I should change my filter pads and what should I be looking for when deciding if they need to be changed or not.
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ok not having much information on your tank i am making a bunch of assumptions (i apologize in advance)
this being said her is a link to a bunch of articles that are well worth the read
i am again not sure of your set up but if you are running a traditional HOB filter or a canister i would strongly recommend removing it and at minimum run a HOB Skimmer.. if at all possible a good sump set up would do a world of good for a tank this size...

again sorry if i seem pushy or rude in any way just trying to assist if at all possible...

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Thanks, in the other forum (I realized I posted this thread in the wrong forum) Pasfur helped me a bunch.
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sorry of rbeing so late to the party LOL.. i am glad Pas was on he is very knowledgeable

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