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And as far as lighting, what is the best light if i were only to keep soft corals? I was reccomended the coralife aqualights, r those good?
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Originally Posted by onefish2fish View Post
i didnt even read what cody and pasfur have said because i hear them say it over and over again, so +1 to what they said.

I actually have prepared responses that I just copy/paste into the threads.
Kidding, obviously, but it does sometimes make me wonder if anybody every reads these things.
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With that Current fixture I can keep most soft corals correct or are there some I should avoid?
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Would the Current USA Nova Extreme 2x24 watt T5 HO 10K/460nm allow me to keep all LPS Corals? I'd like to have the flexibility of a T5 instead of a Power Compact fixture but for the same money. I was looking at the lights cody suggested but that limits me to soft corals and i really love brain corals along with frogspawn.

I also wanted to clarify my filtering situation. U guys don't think a skimmer would be necessary as long as i do my WC every other week? All I would need is 1.5-2lbs of LR per gallon, along with LS and a Koralia nano and #1 rite?
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With due respect to Cody, I would highly suggest the use of a skimmer. I think it is one thing for someone with experience in the marine hobby to attempt a nano-reef without a skimmer, but for a beginner you could be asking for far more trouble than necessary. Look at it this way... if you loose 1 animal, or have to buy 2 extra bags of aquarium salt per year, or if you use $x extra in activated carbon, you could have just as easily bought a skimmer. For a 20 gallon tank you don't need anything fancy. Something as simple as the Rio Nano Skimmer would provide great benefits to a small system.
Rio Nano Reef Aquarium Protein Skimmer Rio Nano Skimmer
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How about in a 30gl? Would that skimmer work? My sister is no longer giving me the 20gl so I've been looking on craigslist and I've found many 30gl tanks for cheap.
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