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you can add the live rock in any amount you want (all at once or incremental) but know that a system with just 5 lbs lr will be hard pressed to support 2 fish's waste products.

also any time you add more live rock with fish in the system already it will throw the cycle out of balance and you risk losing some livestock because of high ammonia or nitrite levels.
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I asked the guy at the LFS about cycling the tank and he said to get some more LR and some inverts like hermits and snails. He said they would keep the rock clean and produce small amounts of ammonia to help cycle the tank. He gave us a few so I'll be taking pics once they are in. What should I do to acclimate them? I don't have a hose for the drip method.
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Do not add any livestock untill your tank is cycled.

I would add as much livestock as you can for the cycle. This will prevent problems later down the road. I would suggest 20-30lbs of rock for you.

I would try changing the filter into a fuge. It will help a lot.
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How would I go about turning it into a fuge?

Oh and I was staring into the tank, looking at the rock and I see little reddish purple spots on one of the rocks. But they are not flush with the rock, they stick out and some are kinda spiky looking. Oh and I saw something crawling on the rock. It was a tannish clear, very very small and looked like a bug of some sort. Any ideas? It would be near impossible to get a picture of the bug but I can get a picture of the reddish purple spots for identification purposes.
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Any pictures would be great.

The bug may be a Mantis Shrimp. I said may. Did it come out at night or during the day? Was it quick or slow?

Looking at that filter, it may be hard to convert it into a fuge. You can do without.
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It was out during the day and it was scurrying across the rock. It would scurry, stop, scurry, stop. And eventually went out of sight. I will get some pictures of the spots now and upload them.
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Sorry if they are dark or blurry. My camera sucks.
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Red stuff looks like coraline growth.

About this critter. Did is resemble this?
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Man! I'm seeing all sorts of interesting things in here. I was looking at the rock again and I see this little, hardly visable waving thing. It looked like a tiny stalk with waving "arms" There are two of them near each other but one is waving its little arms more than the other. No chance of a picture of these since my camera sucks but any idea of what they could be?
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They may be Feather Dusters. Those are good hitchikers.

But does the other "critter" look like this?
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