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Yes, they carry pre-mixed salt water as well as fresh water so you can mix your own. Since I'm just starting out I didn't want to have to worry about getting it wrong.

The little star is so adorable. Don't know why I'm so excited over him but I am! :D So once I get the LR and LS in and the tank completely filled and the filter up and running, what will be the next step?
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Just set up the filter. I have no top for the tank but the LFS is going to cut me a piece of glass to use as a top so I can put a light fixture on it.

The water is cloudy. I guess that is because I suck at putting LS in the tank. The filter is huge in comparison to the tank. The tank is a 20L and the filter turns 280g/hr.
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I'm getting a filter that has either 300 or 500gph for my 10 gallon. :)

Plus my Powerhead.

I'm converting an Aquaclear 70 or 110 into a fuge.
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Get the 110. I can personally vouch for its capabilities and performance. My system uses a 110. :D

Tanks: 40 gal FW setup, 10 gal Reef tank.

Old BC8 setup:
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Since I was putting this thing together so late last night we are going to consider this Day 1. Water is crystal clear and the filter is running fine. As soon as I can find my camera I'll upload some pictures.

So how do I go about cycling this? It only has LS and 4lbs of LR.[/list]
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Live Rock - 4lbs


From Above

Live Rock Closeup

Full Tank

Full Top View
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looks good, i would recommend getting a glass canopy for it before you really begin stocking it because an open-top 20 gallon tank will epaorate a considerable amount of water everyday, as far as cycling, you can cycle with just your lr, I would add more if that's the plan though, or you can purchase 2 or 3 damsels and keep them in there for 4-6 weeks or so, nice pics, keep us updated : )
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If I plan on cycling with my LR, how much more should I get. I have a few hours before work to head down to the LFS to pick up a few more lbs.

And the glass canopy is on its way. They are cutting me a top to fit the tank and they said it should be ready by next week. when the water evaporates should I just put distilled water in to make up for the water lost since the salt doesn't evaporate?
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a general guideline is about 1-1.25 lbs of lr per gallon of water. you can go a little less if you plan on doing weekly water changes though
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So would I need to go ahead and put another 16lbs in? That's a lot of money to be spending today. Will adding another 5lbs of live rock help cycle the tank? Or should I go with adding some damsels or something. I wouldn't mind using the damsels as long as I can return them to the store after the tank is cycled.
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