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Does anyone have live plants in a SW?

My mom would like to have live plants in the aquarium as well, I am not sure what kind, she just wants some green in there.

Are they easy upkeep? how about lighting?

It will be a while, I just want to learn about them now, and discuss it with the family.

Thanks in advance!
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Originally Posted by DaughteroftheKing View Post
My mom would like to have live plants in the aquarium as well, I am not sure what kind, she just wants some green in there.
The only plants that I keep in my tank are macroalgae. A lot of people in the hobby do this for nutrient absorbtion and others do because they like the look of the macroalgae in the display. I personally keep it in my sump refugium.

Mostly for greens and other colors, we keep corals. The demand is a little higher than planted freshwater tanks, but not much. Testing Alkalinity and Calcium become even more crucial, as corals use calcium in the water column to calcify their skeletal structure.

Do a google search for saltwater tanks and let us know what look you are going for.

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ive kept a few but ive heard of people keeping just macro tanks. for sump and/or nutrient absorbing i suggest chaetomorpha. my best advice is to research the ones you like best and then decide which you should be able to keep in your setup. i would avoid algaes that are highly sexual. any could over take a tank but some more so then others. i would also avoid things that are non-photosynthetic or dont have a symbiotic relationship with an algae where they can produce their own food ( meaning they need to be fed manually ) like some gorgonians.
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and just to add alittle to what wake said, corals are demanding animals but some will be easier then others. some algaes are the same, easier to keep then others.(for the most part) both corals and algaes will require the basics of light, calcium and other trace elements and just like corals some algaes more so then others.

what makes a coral an animal though, is the symbiotic algae that is on/and around its mouth. light allows this algae to grow, feeding the coral ( basically making it photosynthetic )

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Also, I hate to even say this, but there are some rather attractive looking artificial plants available today for the saltwater hobby. Buy a couple and see what you think. At the end of the day, this is your tank and you want it to be pleasing based on your tastes.
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Thanks guys!

Yes it is mainly my tank, after all it will be going with me when ever I get married, I have to fight my sister for it though! I would rather not have plants, it would be one thing if they were super easy, but I cant keep a potted plant at my desk alive, I think I should stay away from live plants in my tank.
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