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post #12 of 24 Old 02-07-2007, 05:13 AM
I feel you will be fine adding 2 and thats it. Also you will have to test the water every week to be sure nothing gets out of wack.
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I would have said more but almost everyother posts here lately has been "I want to add 2 clowns to a 20g". As much as Musho participates I can't imagine he hasn't seen the numerous replies. 20g tanks should have smaller fish. Not saying you can't make it work but you ought to find more suitable fish.
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ive seen them, but mainly saying you cant have an anemone in a 20 gallon, ive seen very few threads about clowns, plus these are oscellarius and (i think) are smaller than most clowns. Im not going to put any anemones in here, maybe a mushroom coral but thats it.

Also from my amount of questions that im asking (i want this saltwater tank to be perfect) this was the first time someone has said two clowns are no good.
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it not that 2 clowns are no good, its that a 20 gallon is not good enough for 2 clowns.
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i understood that part....
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well to add to my reply, technically clowns shouldnt really be in anything less that 30 gallons. We did have our 2 in a 20 gallon and had no problems, but it doesnt mean that every 20 gallon is going to be like this. Just like everyone is different, every tank is different. And what works for us may not work for you. Just keep that in mind ok. :D
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ok, i'll try to get grown up clowns that have lived in the same tank for most of their lives. Im guessing the two clowns has more of a territorial problem rather than a waste production problem right?
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That's an even worse idea. It's all about water parameters. 2 large messy fish pollute small tanks. What is so hard for folks to grasp about that?
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well i was asking was it a territorial problem or waste problem, thats all, no need to get fussy lol. I guess i could try, maybe change the water every day and get tripple filtration, its worth a shot i hope......
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