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Originally Posted by onefish2fish View Post
i would not get dry rock and add it to your tank as this will cause a spike killing whatever life you have. cure it in a seperate container for awhile and then add a few pieces of cured live rock to it and let that sit for awhile all in a tub with heater and powerhead.
I myself never cure Base (dry) rock. I thoroughly rinse the base rock in RO/Di water and let it soak in RO/Di water for a day or two, no powerheads or heaters. I do test the water it was soaking in to see if there was any die off. If it was really dry rock, I never get any readings. I then add it straight to the display. I have never had a problem with anything dying as a result of this.

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i feel a few pieces would be fine after a short ro soak but i personally wouldnt add a large ammount at once.
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I went to the LFS today that I had bought my LR from, they actually had a specimen of the coral on my rock for sale. It was IDed by them as pacific rose brain coral. From the research I've done since then looks like it needs a meaty food once every few weeks to a month or two *shrug*. Widely varied it seems. Beautiful little fella though, can't wait for it to start growing! I'll get some more pictures next week of everything after I get the rock cured and organized how I want it! Added a couple peices of coral too, and have managed to forget the name of both... One is like a grass, purple base and neon green short tentacles. The other looks like daisies.. purple base yellow center dot on a tentacle that really looks like the petals of a daisy.
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sounds like green star polyps and maybe palys or zoas.
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the coral in the first picture in this thread may be a goniopora
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the new green coral I got looks more like goniopora, than the one in the first picture. That first one has been id'ed as pacific rose coral though. It has some weird looking bubbles? starting to form on it and come out. I'm assuming from the reading I did that this is it's budding process and its starting to reproduce?
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hey where did u get thatlr. seems preety good
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actually came from the LFS.. it was on the expensive side at 12.99/lbs, then a 10% discount negating tax.. (gotta love tn right? .. 9.25% tax -.- ) Anyhow, they ship it in from the gulf, and even recommended that I purchase the LR after it has been there for a week or two to eliminate the curing. Since my tank was new I had no reason to qaurantine so I went for it. The price up front doesn't seem bad at all anymore with all the life that came from the 8lbs I got :) 3 clams, many filter worms, the brain coral, and various macro algae, coraline algae, and a few other things I'm not sure of yet lol.
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FWIW, i don't see any scute's on the clams so i doubt they need high light. Do they have any & have you got an ID on them?

Also only juvenile clams need to be target fed This requires putting a cut plastic bottle over them with phytoplankton trapped in the bottle (must keep an eye on this) When they are above 2" nutrition is mainly through photosynthesis VERY high lighting.

If you like a lot of life on your LR thats not a bad find, I prefer LR from the South Pacific and add my own Corals.
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the clams this person is talking about are only filter feeders.
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