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Cad-Lights 50G Artisan Rimless Starphire Cube Build!

Well finally I got my tank. This is where the fun begins
I got a CAD 50G Artisan from here in SoCal, where CADLights is located.
I so far have the tank up and running with all the plumbing and everything. I'm just running the system with freshwater for now to check for any leaks in plumbing.
Still got a long way to go but just thought I would share my build along this exciting journey.
I know you guys like pictures. So here you go:

Didnt know where to put the ballast, so I put it on the side for now.

The fixture that came with the tank. 24" 14,000K 150 HQI, 2x actinic T5s, LED moonlights.

Leak testing. Sorry I didnt take pictures of the sump before, but I took the baffles out because the I didnt like how it was set up. So rebuilt it.

CAD tanks for some reason, cut out the vinyl right where the overflow is. I had some carbon fiber vinyl I used on my car to cover the back. The other side is plain black not CF lol

Running freshwater to check for any leaks. Dont mind the wires in the back. I still got to organize them.

I also put some nice stainless steel door handles from LOWES on the cabnet doors. Much easier to open now : )

Mag-Drive 9.5

A drain silencer I came up with and it works GREAT!!!!!

An overflow cover I made with acrylic. I'm thinking about making out of black acrylic now since I know I can make one lol

50W Halogen light for refugium.

This is what I see when I walk down my stairs

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really nice start.
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HeXoM (01-31-2011)
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Nice job and very creative. It's going to look amazing.

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Alrights guys, here is another update!
I just got my 30 pounds of Dry rock from BRS today.
25lbs of pukani and 5lbs of shelf rock.
The rock is amazing. All the shapes and sizes are perfect.
I played a little bit with the aquascaping today and i might play around with it a bit more tomorrow.
But so far I'm loving how it came out.

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thats got me drooling..

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^hahaha im glad

My tank is still a little cloudy but thats due to some dead sponge or something that was on one of my BRS rock. I took it out for now till I get my protien skimmer.
I added a few more rocks (live rock) to my aquascape. I hope you guys like it.
I'm going to buy about 10lbs of live rock to put in my main display. I got a few ideas I want to do. That will be in my next update.
I also made a new overflow cover out black acrylic. I like it soooo much better.
I'm getting better at this acrylic stuff :D
Here's a few pictures.

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Nice! what kind of reef are you planning on keeping in the tank? With that light anything is possible. you might want to leave the lights on for the full 8 hours then check the temperature of the water because the water can get real hot when using MH especially using that refuge light you have on the bottom. you might want to get a fan and blow across the surface and that will cool the tank alot but evaporation will occur fast. I hope you plan to use RO/DI water too since you have such a nice start. Great setup. wating to see the final approach to the end product!

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This tank is beautiful! Great job.

- Christine
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wow.. thats amazing. thats better looking than a biocube. I like the silencer you came up with too

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Nice! Can't wait to see more!

What kind of fish are going to live there?

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