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If you purchased ALL the rock at once, you'd only need to wait ONCE. This time varies however. While most tanks tends to cycle within 3 - 5 weeks, there are many organisms that survive for several weeks but are weakened greatly, and die off the following days or weeks afterward. This shouldn't be too much of a problem, as the ammonia they produce will be eliminated by the live rock, as the porosity harbors much beneficial bacteria. You will, however, most likely see a cycle regardless of how good your LR is. Unless the LR is transferred immediately from their tank to yours, organisms will die, especially if it's a 10 or 15 min drive. Even if the rock is kept moist, there will still be deaths - there is a lot of life within the rock that we don't see. Although I will say that there are some hardy hitchhikers, I have 4 brittle starfish (that I know of), and my LR was kept in my van, without water, in a Styrofoam box for about a half hour since I had to buy groceries. LoL.

Cycling it separately in a bucket/container is possible, but extremely inconvenient and imo, counterproductive. Stocking the rock all at once is probably the easiest and best way. All the rock establishes itself at once, no buffer time in between.

Good luck, and keep us updated.

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Yes if you add all the rock at one time it will cycle sooner. What I was getting at is that several folks I've met through the years have told me they waited 6 months to a year before adding fish. That allowed several of the micro-organisms to thrive before adding fish as they generally eat such items. If you waited 6 months while adding the bits of rock the organisms will thrive while the tank settles in. Buying in small volumes from a dealer will cost more than buying in bulk all at once.
Taxes, shipping etc will completely depend upon where you source your rock. Just shop around, Ebay, Yahoo "live rock" etc..
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Yes, a large population of pods is extremely beneficial for tanks with livestock whose diet is composed of them. A tank your size, you will indeed want a large pod population, this will create an almost self-sustaining ecosystem. I've read of tanks that have required no food input for months due to huge pod pops. Good luck!!! :D :D

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Yes probably since everyone is saying yes so i will. Yes. You have fun with the tank. if you get good results can you help me just post here

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