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Brackish to salt

I want to convert my 10 gal brackish to salt soon. This is what's running so far. What else might I need? I want this to be a reef with a watchman goby, a clown, fire goby and maybe a shrimp and some other cleaning crew. Am I set?

Ultra reef sand
Aqueon 10gal HOB
50watt thermometer
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also would I have re-cycle the tank or is it good as is
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I would begin by raising the salinity slowly to 1.024. After a few days to ensure the salinity is steady, you can add the sand and 10-15 pounds of live rock. {edit: on second thought, i would start from scratch. There is no reason to use water that already has a nitrate reading.}

Filtration is a more difficult conversation when you are talking about mini reef systems. These tanks are honestly way beyond the skill set of a beginner and almost always result in continous problems. There is just no amount of book knowledge that can replace hands on experience. I would encourage you to start with a 29 gallon reef at minimum, with 55 to 75 gallons being far easier.

If you do continue down this path of a 10 gallon tank, then yes I think you can filter a small reef system with a hang on filter. I strongly suggest that you do not use any type of filter pads, but instead just use a bag of activated carbon dropped into the filter, replaced every 2 weeks at minimum. Be sure the carbon is phosphate free.

You may find it more economical to eliminate the hang on filter and instead purchase a hang on protein skimmer. This would be less expensive than the continuous replacing of the activated carbon.
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I have the same filter & heater in my 10g...

I am not doing reefs in there, it is a FOWLR. But I do have an AquaEuroUSA protein skimmer. It works GREAT.... but is pretty invasive as it sits in the tank. If there is one that hangs on back that works well, get it! I can't believe how much nasty foam my skimmer produces just from this little 10g of water. (I have 2 damsels, 4 hermit crabs, & 2 large turbo snails)

custom 7ft 125g softie/leather Reef
44g marine predator fowlr

100g outdoor pond/waterfall
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any other opinions?
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I agree with everything Pasfur said, and would like to emphasize his opinion on the tank size. You will find it very difficult to keep a smaller tank without having kept a larger tank first. These smaller tanks have larger swings in salinity and alkalinity than larger tanks. Levels in the tank are tougher to maintain as when a half gallon evaporates, you already lost 5% of your tank volume. These evaproation rates throw off everything in the tank on a daily basis, amking daily testing more necassary.

Nothing good happens fast in an Aquarium

My 30 Gallon Long Marine Tank
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